Places to Move After the Elections

Well, right now, our choices aren’t looking too good for the 2016 Presidential race. Donald Trump is in the lead for the Republicans, and if you aren’t an upper class, white, man, why on earth would you vote for him?  Also, if you are an upper class, white, man, why would you vote for him? He’s crazy, racist, misogynistic, and creepy. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are nearly neck and neck, but how many college students are actually going to go out and vote? Therefore, Clinton will most likely win the Democratic Primary is my prediction. Now, I know most of you are probably college students and a lot of college student love Bernie Sanders, now if you do, and you’re mad at me for saying this, go vote in the primaries. People older than college students are not going to vote for a socialist, realistically, so if you feel strongly, vote.

Personally, I am not really feeling any type of draw towards any one candidate, or multiple candidates, I feel like no one is saying anything very productive. All I ever hear about is how crazy Trump is. So if he wins, or I’m not happy with the choice, I will most likely  move to another country.

These are the options that I find the best places to live if we end up in the worst country after the elections in the fall:

  1. Canada. While it’s cold, they have good health care.
  2. Iceland. 120 days for paternity leave which America doesn’t have any type of paternity leave.
  3. Sweden. They’ll give 56 weeks of paid Maternity leave.
  4. Ireland. Well I was just there and it’s pretty.
  5. Australia. It just seems nice there, but I’ve heard they have some issues, but I guess all countries do.
  6. Austria. ranks it as having the number one city in the world.
  7. Denmark. ranks this as the number one country in the world, based on corruption, and in this case, the lack thereof. Therefore, if Trump wins, this is where you want to go.
  8. France. If you are unemployed, they have the best benefits.
  9. Germany. If you are a college student from anywhere in the world, you can go to school for free!
  10. Switzerland. They’re always just minding their own business, maybe we should take a page from their book!

When it comes down to it, yes America is great, but with these political candidates I believe that we need some better ideas asap or we will be forced to find a home somewhere else in the world in order to live a better life. Well I mostly think that if Trump wins, but really I think it might end up being the same way for a lot of candidates. The best America has to offer needs some improvement, don’t forget to vote!



Pretty Places

Pretty Places

So here’s just a little blurb about another pretty place I’ve visited. Over summer 2012 I went to Europe with a group of high school students. In my previous Pretty Places post I did a quick paragraph or two on the beauty of London, this one is covering just a bit of Normandy. For those of you have never been to Normandy, it is one of the prettiest places on earth, yet one of most depressing as well. The water is such a clear blue, the cliffs (the only way I can think to describe the landforms), and the wild flowers can leave just about anyone speechless and astounded by the sheer beauty of it all. I have a few other pictures that I’ll probably post at some point. This one is just one of my favorites. It’s hard to imagine something bad happening at such a beautiful place. This picture in particular does not display any sort of war-torn area, no battle fields, no death, just beauty, and that’s one of the most suprising pieces of Normandy. No one expects a place of sorrow to be so beautiful.

Major Desicions (literally)

Oh my gosh guys, I am so sorry on the super long update! I want to say I’ve been busy (and it’s kinda true) but to be one hundred percent honest I just kept forgetting and remembering at the most inconvenient of times.  I have been keeping pretty busy with homework, studying and yesterday was my birthday so I was out with my friends most of the day. In my free time I’ve been crocheting my friend a scarf for her birthday so there’s that too. Anyway so pretty much this is gonna be a quick post on the decision to pick a major because I have to leave for class soon.

So I go to a liberal arts school, which pretty much means you try a bunch of different stuff and you don’t start concentrating on your major until the later years and here I don’t even declare until sophomore year. Currently my major of intent in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and either a major or minor in Political Science but lately I’ve been considering either adding Social Work or taking away communications and adding that in. I’m not really sure. But this is a HUGE decision. After I graduate I really want to either go to the Middle East or India and teach young women how to read and speak English so that they can go to college and go out in the world and do something else with their lives so they don’t have to be just mothers and teachers, they can be scientists and historians and doctors. So I’m just not sure how to do money with that. Anyway let me know your opinions on majors and shit, I have to get ready for class. Sorry about the short post everyone!