Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 28

I am sitting on our living room floor with about a million and five papers scattered around me along with a host of cold meds, decaf coffee, and some soy and dairy free chocolate. I keep staring at my very out-dated to-do list hoping it will give me answers that it’s not going to give me. I already took my evening dose of melatonin, so my apologies if this is a little scattered, I have to be up at 4:45 to babysit tomorrow morning so better safe than sorry with taking it early.

I have a second interview tomorrow, I’m not one for publicizing this type of information as I see it to be jinx worthy, however, I put everything here and maybe it’s jinx worthy to not ask for your best thoughts. Really, I’m afraid of jinxes no matter what so no matter what I do, if I don’t get this job I’m going to blame it as a jinx on something.

The job hunt in general, has been stressful. I have lost count of the number of jobs I’ve applied for. I’ve stopped applying to anything not on the east coast because I don’t think anybody wants to pay for me to relocate. If you do, ya know, let me know, I’ll move anywhere.

Other than jobs I have a crazy short time until graduation and I honestly can’t believe it. Although cliche, it does it feel like just yesterday that I started this blog in conjunction with my college career. While I’m so excited to be done school and get out of the classroom and maybe even out of my parents house (no offense, just looking for new), I’m not quite as ready for bills and whatever else real adults have to do. I want to do all the fun things and skip everything I might ever have to worry about. Generally, I’m more excited than not.

I’ve been working a lot this year to get to a point where I’m comfortable. I should’ve spent less but I’m considering this my last few months to be a little reckless. I babysit ALL the time, less now than earlier this year, but still a lot. I also work at the marketing department at my school, and as an intern. There might be other things I’m forgetting but, it’s been good. I think it’s been helping me prep for the future of being busy. If I could be a professional nanny, it’s definitely something I would consider. However, I did not go to college to do that, so I should really use the skills I’ve developed to please my parents and myself.

Anyway, here’s a little bit of my word vomit for everyone. How’s you job hunt going? Any tips for me? Anyone successfully freelancing and have some advice? Let me know!

The Girl Behind the Glasses

In fairy tales when a girl’s glasses are taken off she is suddenly the most stunning girl in the world. Not in real life, well at least for me. If you take off my glasses, right now you would see my eyebrows that are a little bit bushy and unruly at the moment due to the lack of maintenance I’ve been putting into my appearance lately. You would also notice that most of my makeup has worn off and the dark circles under my eyes are showing along with that little red spot I hate so much. I am more than my glasses and what they cover.

I am the girl behind the glasses. In fairy tales the girl is so much more appealing when she can’t see ten feet in front of her, what about her personality? The girl behind the glasses stayed up too late reading by the light of hallway through the cracks in the door in elementary school. The girl behind the glasses picks at her nails a little too much when she’s bored or nervous. The girl behind the glasses writes all the time but never lets anyone read it. The girl behind the glasses is afraid of stupid things like public restrooms with only one toilet inside and talking on the phone, but has no problem standing up in front of thousands to make a speech. The girl behind the glasses may hide from the world at sometimes but she loves to watch people and observe. She might decide to go out alone, but she’s okay.

The girl behind the glasses is so much more than the scratched lens and bushy eyebrows. She might have a scar on her hand, but the less noticeable one on her heart makes it hard for her to trust and put herself out there. She wishes for a better tomorrow and a future that she can change. She hopes to make a difference, be more than a girl behind the glasses.

The girls that hide behind their glasses are so much more than that. So much more than a pair of glasses on a face. A personality with that.


Mary. (A girl behind some glasses)

From Mary’s Grandmother who wants the world to know how awesome her Grandaughter Mary is. She also most especially wants Mary to know how wonderfully awesome she is.

So incase you couldn’t gather from the title my grandmother asked me to this post. The other qualifications she asked for were “The Hundreds of Things Mary does which are awesome, smart, caring, wonderful..” So in light of this Facebook message that she sent me and the fact that I am constantly telling people to embrace who they really are and find the good in themselves and share it with the world. I’m not sure if I can think of one hundred things that are awesome/smart/caring/wonderful about me so I’m going to do as many as I can, the catch however is I want anyone who reads this to comment with at least 5 great things about themselves. I’m serious if this gets likes and people don’t comment I’m going to be upset. I want everyone to know how great they are and recognize it themselves.  So here goes my list.

  1. I think I’m hilarious. I laugh at every joke, sometimes to the point where sometimes I can’t finish it.
  2. I won several Model UN rewards in high school.
  3. I always try and cheer my friends up when they have bad days.
  4. I'm confident to do stuff like this in public places.
    I’m confident to do stuff like this in public places.


  5. My goal in life is to seriously change someone’s life forever in a positive fashion.
  6. I know a bunch of random facts that impress people.
  7. I get along with adults really well, something I’ve been good at for a long while now.
  8. My job right now may not be the ideal position for me but I think I’m decent at it.
  9. I love doing little things to make people smile.
  10. I’m good at reading really fast and intaking all of the information with it.
  11. I sometimes take good pictures.
    I sometimes take cool pictures.


  12. I’m self-confident in most things I do.
  13. I’m pretty good at crocheting and I like making people blankets and scarves.
  14. I try to be the best friend I can be.
  15. I pick up little details and facial expressions in people.
  16. I’m pretty good at reading people when I meet them and I can figure out if I’ll get along with them or not.
  17. I’m good at public speaking.
  18. I spoke at graduation.
  19. Big things don’t really make me nervous.
  20. I’m good at committing to things I actually like.
  21. I’m super sassy in what I find a humorous way.
  22. I can stand up for myself without a problem.
  23. I listen to a variety of music so most people can think that I have a semi-decent good taste in music.
  24. I love giving compliments.
  25. I like to send happy messages to people on tumblr on anon.

Okay so I’m done at 25. I don’t want you guys to think I’m bragging but I’m trying to love myself and I really want you guys to do the same! Also I have some really exciting things coming up soon (hopefully) and I can’t wait to share them with you all!



School Work and Thoughts on the Future.


To be honest I hate doing school work, but I guess who does? The problem is for me that I do anything to avoid it, I’ll watch YouTube videos, read blogs, check my blog, write  posts, edit videos, basically anything but homework. I hate the fact that I’m learning things I could care less about. I want to learn exciting things, however to do that I need to be more interested in something, and I don’t know what that something is. I love history but what do history majors do? Teach, no thank you. I like writing, and I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but the journalism/ communication majors drive me insane and it’s hard to take classes with them. They think they know everything and I can’t stand people like that and I can’t see myself in an industry of people like that. So that leaves me with gen eds this semester, two sciences, sociology- which I don’t think is even a gen ed, I was considering double majoring in social work and political science, so my adviser recommended that but that’s not what I’m doing so it’s a waste of credits, yay, a language requirement- Arabic 102 which is the only thing keeping me away from my maybe major of Global Studies because I don’t think I can do two more semesters of that or place into a high enough Spanish so yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing, and finally Model UN which is way too much work for a one credit class if you ask me.

I hate the fact that when I get out of class around 3:30 everyday that I have to come back to my room, take a twenty minute break if I’m lucky and spend the rest of my night trying to do homework that I could care less about. I hate the fact that I have to try and decide what I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing by next year. This is all very stressful. I never thought in high school that I would be in college so unsure of what I was going to do. I guess I thought that it would just come to me, I don’t know why I thought that, I just thought it would. I know there are no short cuts to anywhere worth going, so I’m just going to take this journey where it leads me, and hopefully it’s not too bad. 

Well this post got a little bit more in depth than I thought it would, hopefully that’s okay though. 



Goals for the New Year

Every  year I make New Year’s resolutions and my original plan was to reflect on my last years resolutions except I did such a good job keeping up to date on it and I lost them, so I thought I would share with you my goals for the new year.

  • Blog everyday- I would like to try and really do this as well as have some sort of schedule for the postings.
  • Reach 300 followers, this is just a personal goal and if it doesn’t happen it’s totally okay I think it’s something I want to try.
  • Make a really good friend at school, someone to hang out with and get meals with on a regular basis.
  • Get a new job, and this doesn’t mean quit my current job because it’s a good safety net but I really need a new job to make more money.
  • A more positive outlook on life- I really need to stop being so negative and hating everything, and I want to try to be more optimistic
  • Go to a party for more than 30 minutes. This is something that I just need to do for myself, I don’t need to drink or do drugs or whatever people do at parties but I need to experience college better.
  • Try to overcome my anxiety. I just want to figure out and calm down so it’s not so bad because it hinders me from doing things that I really want to do and that needs to stop.
  • Stop cracking my knuckles- pretty self explanatory.
  • To be passionate about something- I feel like a lot of things, but I don’t feel like I’m really passionate about anything and I really really want to be.
  • 300 YouTube subscriber, which I’m seeing as kind of unrealistic right now but it’s something that I would like to hopefully achieve this year.
  • I would like to better recognize those who actually care about me compared to those who only want things from me.
  • I want to remember to tell those I appreciate how much they mean to me.
  • I need to keep in mind that I am really lucky especially when things are bad.
  • I would love to learn something new, so suggestions please! I need a cool new hobby!
  • Joe Sugg. Look him up, I’m in love with him. Tell him to love me.

So share with me your goals! Hope you enjoyed!

Happy (almost) New Year!



Studying Part 2?..?

So I think I may have talked about studying a little bit before. This is something I am not particularly good at because in high school I never really did. If I was in a hard class I let myself struggle but there’s only been two math classes that I have gotten less than a “B” in, all of my other classes were either A’s or B’s.  Now I’m in college and I really want to do well, but I actually have to study. This is weird because I want to do well, and I would have done a lot better in high school if I would’ve studied.   I just finished Arabic flashcards for a QUIZ tomorrow, not even a test! Now I’m studying for my mass media midterm and tomorrow I have to study for my History exam (which I probably don’t have to study too hard for). For me this is just weird because I am not used to this at all. I would maybe read over some stuff in high school here or there, look at my notes, or maybe make some flash cards for a final, but never for little exams or quizzes.

Basically my point is that just because you’re good at school in high school it does not mean that you will be good at school in college, a little more effort may need to be put forth in studying. So this was a short little piece on my studying life.

Sorry I’m still kinda in a funk, hopefully I’ll be better soon.

Also this is a little side note question- did any of you watch my YouTube video? Should I do another?

Okay well I love all 22 of you maybe I’ll do a little tag post out of excitement and such.  Thanks for reading guys it means the world to me.



Classes and You Know, College

Oh my word! I’m so sorry this update has been so long! Almost a week, that is far too long. So anyway classes have begun and I have been keeping myself busy with school work as well as Gossip Girl, who can blame me? So I guess I’ll start this out with classes and my (beginner) advice for those.  My advice is to get there at least five minutes early, but no more than fifteen. I try to be ten minutes early to each first class of they day because you never know if you’re going to have to run back to your dorm, or the clock was a little behind, it just look really bad to be late so try to avoid it. My text tip is studying, try to do it. I mean at least for the first week, it will give you some sort of good habits the rest of the year. My final tip is to start papers early, don’t wait until the last moment or day to start, that will just make for sloppy work, so do it in advance and give yourself time to fix it. Umm… I’m not really sure what else to include in this. Comment with any advice or topics you’d like to see in the future, I think I’m gonna do food tomorrow or as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate all of you who follow me too.