The Plan

So guys I just wanted to share with you the “plan” for my blog for the next year and I really hope I can manage it. If you read my New Years goals you may know that I plan on blogging daily which I try to do already, however my posts really have no structure and I want to change that, or at least a little bit and I would like to share the weekly schedule I hope to keep with you guys so I am more likely to do so. However, if it doesn’t work out I’m going to let you guys know and I’m going to go back to the regular no structured schedule again, and to go along with this note if I don’t feel like following a schedule just for a day I’m not going to do it. So here is my attempted schedule:

Sundays: Previous week reflection and what the new week has in store and any days I might not be posting.

Mondays: School life, classes, and any topic that involves school.

Tuesdays: Tag Tuesdays and Sometimes Serious Tuesdays! Now this probably will alternate with serious posts because there aren’t that many tags that I want to do and I know they aren’t the most popular posts either but I like to do them.

Wednesdays: Weird Wednesdays, and this is going to be weird stories about my life or things that happen to me while I’m out, other than that I’m not sure what else these will contain.

Thursdays: Rant day, and boy are those plentiful, I’m sure you guys can guess what these are going to be like.

Fridays: Random! These are going to be the days where I just kind of go off and write about whatever I want like I do now.

Saturdays: Adventure days, if I go somewhere during the week or that day or somewhere I’ve been in the past.

Well I hope you guys had fun New Years celebrations and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. If you have any input on my categories or something you want to see in them please please please let me know! That would mean the world to me, I love comments! Can’t wait to start writing tomorrow!