The Social Media Game

Recently, I read this article, maybe not so recent once this goes up as I’m scheduling while I’m still in Ireland, but it’s going up in the New Year, but that’s besides the point. However, while it was slightly disheartening, giving me that little bit of a reality check that social media doesn’t work out for everyone, it was extremely upsetting for me to see that people who should already be at that place of having an audience and viewers are losing money to those who are sitting on half the numbers they are, just further proving to me that you need to understand the social media game.

I’m a little obsessed with this article, probably because I’m a little obsessed with social media and how it works. Up until reading this I assumed that it was a numbers game. I thought the more people you had the more money you would make, that’s what makes sense. I mean I knew you had to have the right audience before people would contact you, but I didn’t realize that even if you have the right audience you hit this awkward point where no one will help you and you have to work 9-5 but it’s also not necessarily safe for you to be working a 9-5 when you have viewers come and find you. Imagine having hundreds of thousands of people know who you are but being afraid of not making rent, that concept has to be scary.

Gaby was right when she wrote the title of the article “Get rich or die vlogging: The sad economics of internet fame”. The thing is, even if these internet celebrities get their brand deals, people aren’t supportive of that. The comments on videos that are sponsored are highly criticized. The UK now has laws that it has to be clearly stated if a posts in someway is an advertisement, Instagram pictures and tweets are usually done with a “#ad” and AD is typically written in the title of videos, however, I’ve noticed that some people are getting away with it in the top line of the description. This however, has sparked more debate about how much money YouTubers make and how they should make.

In my opinion, whenever, I end up on Twitter for too long creeping hashtags about YouTube fandoms I see a lot of discussion among younger viewers who don’t seem to understand that the income of a YouTuber, or even Internet personalities depend on brand deals and companies that support them. I can’t seem to grasp why people would complain about branded videos, if there are no branded videos there couldn’t be any videos.

The thing that everything comes down to it seems in this debate is whether or not YouTubers and other Internet personalities can make a living and what that  magic number is to do so. For some, it seems like one million subscribers can’t be enough and for others, it could be 10,000- the magic monetization number. I guess it depends on how often and willing you are to accept brand deals and sponsorships. I don’t have room to talk because the one time I sent a media kit I never heard back, people don’t want to pay the girl with 400 followers, they want her to write for free, but the numbers game is highly interesting to me.

However, it is not what should be asked in interviews as apparently it has been to several YouTubers, in the past, you don’t ask people how much they make, plain and simple.  If you want to know, do your research!

Do  you have any thoughts on the subject/article?


Dear December…

Today is December 1st in case you weren’t aware. I’ve been hinting at a project coming up and it’s finally here, but first background. I recently found Carrie Fletcher and Emily Diana Ruth on YouTube and they both do a month of letters to their favorite times of the year. Emily started with her letters to July and Carrie does letters to Autumn. I found all of their videos beautiful and creative that I wanted to do something along the same lines, so I chose December.

I didn’t choose December because it’s my favorite time of the year,  chose it because I want to like things that I don’t usually like and December is included in that. So in effort to reignite the likeness (I don’t like the word love in this case quite yet) I have for making little videos and inspiration from two seemingly amazing people I have decided to write letters to December and I hope if you want, you will watch and enjoy them.

If anyone is interested in joining the project you can click the contact button or just comment below and I’ll get in touch with you. If you want to film a video and letter send it to me in advance and I’ll post it. I already have a lot of days planned but if you have any of your own ideas I would like to hear/see them so I would always be willing to change my own plans to accommodate someone else’s if it’s better than my own.

Make sure you also check out the videos that inspired me.

Thanks for the support in advance, that is if anyone chooses to support me. Also I kept this a secret from EVERYONE except Lindsay but she probably forgot anyway so I’m really impressed with myself.

Rereading this post it sounds like I’m not excited about it, but I am. I just am not in the mood to express enthusiasm for some reason.


My 50th Blog Post!

Hello readers, today is a very exciting post because it is my 50TH blog post! This means two things, I have NO life, and I really like to procrastinate. So basically this post is just a massive THANK YOU! To you guys, all of my readers. Seriously it means a lot to me that you guys take the time out of your day to read my semi-regular posts. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The other piece of my post today is just a little bit more about what’s going on with me, I guess an update you could say.  So I just returned back to school after a wonderfully busy week off, which is why I lacked in posting. I got to see a lot of my friends, Lindsay was home, I did some filming, tired to do some vlogging, but it lacked a little bit. I really don’t know what I’m doing still with the whole transferring or staying.  It’s really confusing for me and I don’t know what to do because whatever my decision is I have to live with it for the next three years.  I think soon I’m going to start also trying some new sorts of posts but I’m just not exactly sure what yet. I kind of would like to do some DIY things because I don’t know if I’ve ever put this out there but I LOVE crafting.  I also think I’ll do hulls when I going on a big shopping spree or something along those lines.  These will both be in forms of blog posts and video posts. 

So thanks again for reading all of my posts and for the general care that I seem to get from many of my readers, it seriously means so much to me. I wouldn’t have gotten to 50 posts without everyone who reads because otherwise I would’ve gotten discouraged ages ago.  I’ll keep you guys updated with my life and where everything is going, but I want to stop doing these dumbass updates all the time and do something interesting and meaningful. 

Well as usual I have procrastinated wayyy too much and I have to finish a paper for tomorrow and start a paper for Wednesday. There’s a video coming your way tonight hopefully, so don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube! 



Update 242398

I  HATE JUST UPDATING YOU GUYS ALL THE TIME WHY CANT I SAY ANYTHING USEFUL! I screamed as I just uploaded another post. Anyway here’s an update for you guys.
My pretty places vlogs are not going to be working out at the moment until I find a better way if handling them and editing them in a fashion where I can actually put them on YouTube. I will however be putting an extension of my blog on my YouTube channel as well as hopefully some videos with my friend Lindsay! Eventually I’m going to hopefully be able to do some vlogs and that might be easier once I get my real camera from home this weekend too.
This is just a little update on where this is going, a life update to come when I’m not typing on my iPad because I hate typing on this. Thanks for reading guys.

Pretty Places: Washington DC

Pretty Places: Washington DC

So guys I am super excited because at this very moment my first Pretty Places vlog is in the converting process! It should be posted very shortly! I don’t think I can even begin to express how excited I am for this! I hope you guys are at least looking forward to it a little bit, the editing and just a lot of things weren’t working out but I finally got everything to work!

So about two weeks ago my friend Katie came down to Maryland to visit me at school for the weekend. We had all day Saturday to do something fun so we decided to take an adventure into Washington DC. We drove to the nearest metro station and took that into the city. As many people know, our country has a lot of problems. This was also right after the government shut down, however with all of these problems we still manage to have an amazing capital city. We went to the holocaust museum, the natural history museum, and Nandos. It was really just awesome to get away for the day with one of my best friends.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoy the video :)


So here’s the link to my channel:

The video will be up soon! (hopefully if all goes as planned!)
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Update on Travel Vlog and Pretty Places!

So guys I’m currently editing my vlog from my trip with my friend Katie to DC! I hope to have it up by tomorrow! Once the video is up I’m going to do another Pretty Places blog post so that they can go up together! I really hope you guys enjoy all of this exciting stuff coming up because I’m really looking forward to it all!
Anyway my laptop hasn’t been working so I’ve been going to Starbucks because I don’t like using my iPad to type. Anyway a Pretty Places and hopefully another good post will be up tomorrow. Thanks for the support guys, it is much appreciated. Follow me on twitter if you like and if you tweet me I’ll follow you back @mrmilligan13! Love you guys and there’s more coming tomorrow!

Quick Update

So as some of you guys may or may not know I have a YouTube channel as well. Now I made a video one day but I wasn’t really sure where it was going to go. Now I have the idea to just do traveling vlogs. So if I’m on vacation, going on a day trip, or doing something interesting I’ll do a video on my channel of the days events. Then to follow that up I’ll do a Pretty Places post on here. I hope you guys will enjoy both of these. So that’s my update for now and I’ll post again later today. Thanks for all of your support! Love you all!