Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 10

I was going to try not and do one of these this week but it seems like as soon as I sit down to blog all of my ideas are gone. I think I’ve done at least one of these every week since I started it. That would be an okay thing if that was the intention, but it wasn’t. I really need to get a blogging calendar (that’s a stupid excuse, I know) so I can get my life in order. When I tried it before the problem was I had too many ideas, but I think it would be helpful now since I don’t seem to have enough. My brain is barren when it comes to practical blog post ideas. Maybe I should start doing my not practical ones and actually be proud of what I’m posting. Obviously, I’m frustrated with myself right now, my blog just isn’t where I want it to be, so of course I’m having the open conversation because that’s just what I do.

Everyone is back at school now, I’m alone. I mean, I’ve been alone most of the summer as it is, but it’s weirder now because it’s almost like I’m missing out, even though I know I’m not. Like everyone is back at my college and I don’t go down to visit until next weekend and I just feel like I’m missing something. I have this fear that everyone is going to forget about me/ not want to hang out/ be too busy to hang out when I go down, because they’re all in class. I also hate to be that person who asks people to hang out with them. I know, that’s stupid, but I would much rather people ask me to hang out because whenever I ask, I always feel so annoying. But really all I want to do is seem my friends and talk to them in person, not over the phone or text, I just want to look at their faces and talk to them, while we’re all together and I’m not in another state.  That sounds whiny and bratty I know, especially since I’m about to go on a journey of a lifetime, you don’t need to tell me, I get it. I just feel like I’m missing out, even though in a few weeks I’ll be making some new friends and having my own adventure and FINALLY going to classes.

Speaking of leaving, I’m beyond ready to go. I leave in two and a half weeks, find out who my roommates are on Monday (maybe tomorrow if I’m lucky!), and I will hopefully finish packing next week. My last day of work is not until the 10th so hopefully I’ll be able to get some more hours and make the time go faster since people left, but I doubt it. I don’t like that I’m wishing away time, so I’m trying to fill it up. I watch a lot of travel videos. Some of those people I think are actually crazy. They come up with the weirdest stuff to pick out and go against. Some are helpful, but some of them, I just say “What????” to because it just doesn’t make logical sense. Pick and choose what you listen to, no need to get caught up in every detail.

I want to do another post about my travel tips. Also, what I noticed, is that there are a million what’s in my suitcase videos for the beach and whatnot, but not very many for studying abroad, if I made a video would anyone watch? Should I vlog any of my trip? Every time I put videos up I end up making the private. Any opinions? Let me know.

I’m suffering from severe bloggers block. I don’t know why. Leave me tips to beat it please.



What’s going on with Mary?

Okay well to be honest this is taking a lot of thought because time is going so quickly but really slow at the same time.  This past week I worked a lot, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (a double overnight!), I saw a lot of friends, went to a neighbors house, celebrated New Years (that feels like forever ago!), and tired to sleep some. The week started out with some anxiety problems, but it eased up for the most part as the week went on, except for a little today. New Years Eve was rung in with friends, where we wrote our goals and ripped up everything bad that happened last year with the promise not to talk about it in a negative way again.  I ended up working an overnight last night due to a call off which turned my six hour shift into a 16 hour shift, yeah that was a little rough, but then I didn’t have to work this morning so that’s good I guess. So this week was pretty boring, and I’m looking forward to this upcoming very busy, but fun week where I should be able to see a lot of people.

Anyway so this week I need to film another regular video, and I think I’m going to find some sort of tag for that this week because I’m feeling lazy. I have off of work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so those days are going to be filled with friends and trying to see as many people as possible. I also unfortunately have a family picture Sunday, but on the plus side I do get to go to Shady Maple with my cousin and his girlfriend for a good breakfast.  I honestly just can’t wait to have three days off and maybe take a second to breathe for once rather than just see a bunch of people. I’m also going over Lindsay’s on Tuesday to film some videos before we go back to college, which I’m not looking forward to, at least I still have another two weeks.

I can’t think of anything else I have to update you guys on for this week or the past week. Have an awesome week!



See earlier post for the question of the day!

My 50th Blog Post!

Hello readers, today is a very exciting post because it is my 50TH blog post! This means two things, I have NO life, and I really like to procrastinate. So basically this post is just a massive THANK YOU! To you guys, all of my readers. Seriously it means a lot to me that you guys take the time out of your day to read my semi-regular posts. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The other piece of my post today is just a little bit more about what’s going on with me, I guess an update you could say.  So I just returned back to school after a wonderfully busy week off, which is why I lacked in posting. I got to see a lot of my friends, Lindsay was home, I did some filming, tired to do some vlogging, but it lacked a little bit. I really don’t know what I’m doing still with the whole transferring or staying.  It’s really confusing for me and I don’t know what to do because whatever my decision is I have to live with it for the next three years.  I think soon I’m going to start also trying some new sorts of posts but I’m just not exactly sure what yet. I kind of would like to do some DIY things because I don’t know if I’ve ever put this out there but I LOVE crafting.  I also think I’ll do hulls when I going on a big shopping spree or something along those lines.  These will both be in forms of blog posts and video posts. 

So thanks again for reading all of my posts and for the general care that I seem to get from many of my readers, it seriously means so much to me. I wouldn’t have gotten to 50 posts without everyone who reads because otherwise I would’ve gotten discouraged ages ago.  I’ll keep you guys updated with my life and where everything is going, but I want to stop doing these dumbass updates all the time and do something interesting and meaningful. 

Well as usual I have procrastinated wayyy too much and I have to finish a paper for tomorrow and start a paper for Wednesday. There’s a video coming your way tonight hopefully, so don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube! 



Here We Go Again…

Well guys you know what I haven’t done in a while? A rant! And man do I have some stuff to rant about so I’m going to make a list.

1. SCREW YOU COMMON APP! Well apparently many people don’t decide to transfer so you know what the Common App doesn’t do? Save my freaking information. This required me to make several phone calls to my parents because of stupid stuff I don’t know about them and  their life.

2. SNOW IN THE SOUTH! For those of you who don’t know I go to school below the Mason Dixon Line, not very far below but still it should be warmer here than it is at home and it’s not! It’s supposed to snow the whole way home tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that two hour drive in the ice that will probably end up taking three or four hours instead.

3. BOYS ARE STILL DUMB! That dumb boy didn’t talk to me for a month, ignored me at church, he then has the nerve to send me a Facebook message asking me what I am doing over Thanksgiving break. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if he wants to hang out, I am extremely busy and I can always use that as an excuse but still, I don’t know what to do.

4. SCREW YOU WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER!  I can’t download it, I can’t find a way to edit on my computer, so this awesome video I had planned for this week is going to be boring and dumb and not as cool as I wanted it to be.  So now I have to keep using my iPad and refilm this weeks video again and use the cheap editing software I have on that.

I am keeping this relatively this time just because I have so much stuff to do! I have to finish a paper, clean my room, pack, AND refilm this weeks video for a fourth time!  So wish me luck! Hopefully I can update you guys tomorrow! Hopefully Lindsay and I will have an awesome blogging party over break but probably not because she’s been lazy with hers lately!

Anyway thanks for reading!



Pretty Places

Pretty Places

I don’t know what you guys think, but the US capital is one of the prettiest places in the country. DC may be a dirty city in some places, but the National Mall is something that holds beauty. This past weekend my friend Katie and I traveled to DC for a day trip. My school is not far, so we decided to take a metro. We explored places such as the Holocaust Museum, the Natural History Museum and what seemed to be a business type area where we got Nandos for lunch. It was really nice to get off campus for the day and see some of the beauty that is within the walls of our own country. Here’s my volg of our day filled with some Complete Average Adventures :)

Okay so I’m posting this before the video is up, but I’m going to do another little post with the video in it as well. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Feel free to follow me on twitter for some more of my daily adventures! This may also give you a heads up to when I will be out and about and maybe doing some vlogging! I am really looking forward to what the future is holding in this aspect and I hope you guys are too! Thanks for reading and watching, love you all!


Relationships and New Ideas

So, let’s start with life. I mean how’s it going for all of you guys? Everything okay? Need any advice? Because I am here if you need anything at all! Now onto relationships…

Now I don’t know if I’ve really given any relationship advice on this blog yet, I know I have on some of my more failed attempts so if have sorry here’s some more. College is a time for new relationships to begin as you reinvent yourself and meet new people. Personally I don’t know if I had a boyfriend at the time if we would still be together coming into college just because there are a lot of cute boys here and I like to put myself out there, but everyone is different. My roommate for example came to school while in a long tem relationship, however about two weeks into the semester she decided that she wanted to be in an open relationship, so that’s what they’re doing now. I know personally I wouldn’t like that, I either want to be in a committed relationship or completely singe because I’ve been with a guy who screwed me over (see rant one I believe) and I couldn’t be in that kind of relationship again to be one hundred percent honest. So now I’m just looking and it’s nice. And if you are leaving for school within the next year and you are in a relationship and if as a couple you decide to break up, keep in mind that if you are meant to be that it will work out and you will end up back together.

So now onto a little bit for me. Now I know that I don’t have a super strong following base on here, but I would like to ask you guys if you would watch weekly vlogs on YouTube more about my life and then maybe a daily vlog once or twice a week so you know more about me. So to the few of you who read this would you watch those? I’m begging you to please comment! I really want to try this but only if you guys are watching. LET ME KNOW. I seriously appreciate all of you readers so much. You guys are great.