Tori’s Average Wanderlusting

First of all Tori did an excellent job with this title, A+ job. Anyway, besides that, Tori is a great blogger and very similar to myself, which is probably why I love reading her blog so much. So while I go out super late in Spain with Molly, enjoy Tori’s post! Also to answer her question I want to venture to the other side of the world next, maybe Australia or New Zealand. However, I need to go back and spend some time exploring my own country before I leave anymore. 

Hi there!

I’m Tori! From and I am so excited to be a guest blogger today! I am a lover of coffee, books, dogs and adventures of any kind! (much like Mary)

I thought I would talk to you guys about something that has been heavily on my mind recently. Wanderlust. Well, honestly it is always on my mind, but this time it is way more intense than normal.


 I want to go there so badly I am getting excited just writing about it right now. I bet by the end of this post you will, too.

Since middle school, I have been obsessed with wanting to see the Northern Lights. They are so beautiful and I have this urge to want to experience them in real life. I am determined to make it a reality. It may not be anytime soon, but it will happen.

Yellowknife is located in the Northwestern Territories and it quite a remote location, perfect to see the Northern Light! From where I live (Upstate New York), it is roughly a two and a half day drive. The last part of the drive is a four hour stretch with nothing but you, the road and the tundra. It sounds terrifying but I am more than willing to make this trip in life! That’s why they call it adventures, right?

There is a place outside of Yellowknife, called the Aurora Village and it is where you stay to see the lights. In Teepees! Thinking about it right now makes me so excited. I would love nothing more than to stay in Aurora Village and viewing the Northern Lights from a Teepee. How awesome is that?! I’d be able to take some breathtaking photos that day too!

There are also just so many other amazing things to possible do there. Something I would be interested in is dog sledding. You get to play with the puppies and even go for a dog sled ride and go MUSH MUSH! (I don’t think that’s actually how it works, haha ..maybe?)

Have you ever thought about “snow mobile skiing” on a completely frozen lake? That is also a really awesome thing you can do there! It’s not really jet skiing, but you hold a rope and you are in skis and it pulls you all over the snow and ice. Sounds thrilling and so different than anything else, too!

There are so many other thing to do in this city, but if I went on and on, we would be here all day, so I’ll stop here! I feel like it is such a unique place to go that not many people ever talk about and for some reason I am so excited about wanting to go. I don’t know what it is, but thinking about this makes me giddy, like a child. Such a nerd. I really enjoyed writing this a lot, hope you did too!

I normally end my posts with a question, so here’s yours:

What’s the number one place you want to go to?


I’m Craving Adventure

I live by this quote.
I live by this quote.

It has been seven months since I’ve had a good adventure, and that was a trip to the beach. I’m hungry for an adventure. To be honest, I’m not good at this whole doing school work thing. I don’t like it. I’m not a paperwork kind of person. Sure I like sitting around the house as much as the next girl, but I’m getting really tired of it. I started this blog with the idea that maybe soon I’d be posting weekend adventure to downtown, D.C, and Baltimore, but no one wants to do that sort of thing. I’m getting so tired of doing nothing all the time.

This just leads me to thinking about the future. What if I get a real job this summer? I can’t take time off to go away somewhere random for a week. I need the money and taking a week off is expensive. Also what it comes down to is where do I go? The beach with my friends or whatever my family is doing? There is no way I can afford to do both. Then I start thinking, well what about what I want to do? I could get a job in another state maybe, but then there’s the problem of housing, which is another expense and the money is better saved than spent. I go through all of these things in my head and what it comes down to is what is the best for me? I mean I’m to the point now where my parents can ask me to do one thing or another, or advise me, however they aren’t going to tell me what to do about things like vacations (at least I don’t think so). I even consider sometimes just going on an adventure alone because that sort of thing can be just as fun.

Then I think to the future that’s even further down the line, how in the world am I going to have a steady job if I can’t even go half of a year of school without an adventure? People don’t live life like that. I can’t spend my life in a nomadic fashion like I would like to.  I like to write stories about women that I want to be like, but they could never be more than a dream persona. A successful person doesn’t pick up odd jobs in random cities, well not enough to live off of, to be successful you have to have a steady job with a steady income. To someone like me this is super stressful and I don’t know what to do anymore. Am I going to live the rest of my life just lusting for an adventure? That’s what it’s starting to feel like. I want to be the type of person who gets on sites like kayak, and travelocity and find last minute travel deals and explore a new city on random weekend. I would love to be that person that goes on the megabus site and buys tickets for $2.50 months in advance to the point where I’m in a new city every weekend. Yet that’s no way to live a life, so I can’t really chase my dream because it’s impractical. It makes me sad to look forward in time and see that I might not be happy with the way I’m living it because I can’t live up to my dream.

And this is what I get for wanting one adventure. I can’t wait to go to Boston and New York in April, because that is exactly what need right about now. Who knows, maybe I’ll be on one sooner than that, the wander lust always seems to get the better of me.

If anyone has advice for someone like me, please let me know! It would mean the world to me if someone could give a little sliver of advice. Thanks for reading!




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