Double Update

By the time you are reading this I will be in NYC, isn’t that cool? I’m currently setting up 6 blog posts because I don’t know if I’ll have time to write while I’m there. So let’s go over the past couple weeks.

As you know from yesterdays post I recently ventured to Boston with my friend Lindsay (don’t forget to check out the video, link in yesterday’s post). It was a grand old time. I’m not going to go into detail there because you already read all of that. So that week just had a lot of stuff going on as did this previous week. There’s just so much stuff to do and this week was rough just because I had to play the waiting game a lot which was awful. I hate the waiting game. I did get my free shirt from Jawbreaking which was awesome ( it’s featured in yesterday’s post). You guys should go checkout their website, loads of cool stuff and Sunday’s are Fundays so they have sales along with free shipping across the country. This is not a brand deal though, I wish it was that would be awesome. Anyway, back on track, not much else happened.

This week, I mean you know at this point that I’m in New York. I’m there for Model UN oh what fun. Hopefully it goes well, but we shall see. I had a ton to do yesterday before I left so hopefully it all pays off. After that I get back Thursday after classes and then Friday I have to go to my classes before I rush home for the weekend for Easter. I CAN’T WAIT! I miss my family. I just need to get home. I have to work Saturday and then go to mass Sunday for Easter and then to my grandparent’s for some meal, I’m not sure which one, I’m really out of the loop on details. I’ll get to see my family for a long time in a while and I can’t wait! I miss everyone  a lot.

Okay so that’s it, really short for two weeks but I can’t focus and I have a ton to do. This is also weird writing a day in advance and it’s confusing me. Thanks for reading! Wish my luck while I work during the conference.




Bland Update

Okay well this past week was blah. I started the week with exams in Arabic and Bio and then the rest of the week is kind of a blur to be honest. I left Friday after my lab and got home. Katie came over and we went to Dunkin (of course). Saturday came with work and the wiffle ball tournament, as well as a trip to Starbucks with some of my best friends from home, Katie, Alex, Hillegas, and Alex’s girlfriend Brittney. That was… Fun. For some unexplained reason I seem to be a threat to relationships. I am not. I AM NOT A THREAT TO ANY RELATIONSHIP EVER BOYS DO NOT LIKE ME! Then today I had some more work and went to the best ice cream place in all the land and then I had to drive back through all sorts of storms like ice, rain, snow. It’s almost freaking April and the plows were out, do you hear me screaming?

Okay last week was annoying but this week is going to be so much better. First and foremost it’s a four day week, so no lab, praise Jesus. I leave Thursday night for Boston, which I can’t freaking wait. I’m meeting Lindsay Friday morning which is yay! I haven’t seen her in two weeks! But then we’re going to (I’m going to leave this here because I think it’s humorous that I decided to stop and take a shower mid thought and now I don’t know where that was going). Basically we’re going to explore the city and Saturday we’re meeting another one of my friends for breakfast. Then Sunday I shall return here. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog Thursday, the bus is supposed to have wifi but if it doesn’t work then I’ll make up for it, promise! I might be vlogging the trip so that would be cool so I’ll let you know! Thanks for reading and sorry for another super short post two days in a row.



Update Day

These seem to be the only days lately that I can get right, updates. So this week was a rough one. I know I told you guys last week that I was struggling with my anxiety through the night into Sunday and then all day, well that didn’t stop. That went on until Thursday and it finally started calming down Friday, and I only had one yesterday, so I thought things were looking up until I got back tonight and started having them again. It really made my week long and I spent most of my time crying and wanting to sleep, but I couldn’t. I don’t know why they keep happening, but it’s hard to do anything when I feel this shitty.  It was about mid week when I decided that I was going to go home after my Saturday seminar just because I needed to be with people who knew how to deal with me. Some other things that happened…. Well we had a delay on Tuesday which pushed my bio test back to Thursday, but then on Thursday the proctor never showed up, most people left after fifteen minutes because that’s the rule, I stayed for a half an hour because I’m a paranoid person. Anywho, I actually went out with a group of girls on Friday and had fun! We went to Bone Fish for dinner, it was okay. I mean I’m not the biggest seafood person so it was hard for me to find something I liked, but it was actually really fun. I went with some girls who live in my hall and it was nice to hang out with new people who thought I was funny. I don’t think too much else happened this week. If any of you struggle with anxiety, I’m sure you understand how hard it is to do any more than necessary to go out, so even meals were often spent in my room. This is so hard for me because I’m not trying to be antisocial, and people don’t understand that, if I could eat dinner with them, I would, if I could go to their rooms and watch movies, I would. I wish people could understand that.  It took me almost all night to do things like homework because it’s hard to work through it. Like even my blog posts are taking me longer to do, it’s hard to work through it. So yeah, it’s been a long week.

Anyway, this coming week is basically going to be week of hell. I’m swearing a lot in this post sorry. I have four exams, a paper, and a lab packet due. I have no tests tomorrow, but lots of studying to do, I’m thinking my bio exam will Tuesday, but the professor hasn’t emailed us yet or anything yet, for sure I have a sociology test and I have no idea what to expect for that, and then Wednesday I have my Arabic exam which will basically be torture, and studying for that begins as soon I as hit publish on this, I also I have to hand in my final draft paper in Model UN and I did awful on my first draft so I’m not looking forward to that, Thursday comes with an Environmental Problems test and a confused professor so that should be interesting, and then FINALLY Friday I have to hand in a lab packet. Literally this week is going to be so long and I don’t have time for this anxiety so it better chill out. After lab on Friday I’m actually going home again, but this has been planned for a while. Lindsay’s home for different reasons so I’m getting coffee with her and hopefully Katie too on Saturday. I don’t think I really have anything else going on this week, so I guess that’s going to be it for this post.



More than a Weekly Update!

So what happened this week in my life? Well two snow days, I swear they only happen on the days I get to sleep in already but instead they wake me up at 6 am with the call to let me know. Other than that, nothing super productive unfortunately. I became addicted to the show Weeds (it’s on Netflix, watch it), is that productive?  I did however plan out every post for every day of February which made me feel really organized (more to come on blogging stuff later). I went home this weekend because it is my beautiful younger sisters birthday tomorrow, I can’t believe she is turning 16.  I did some Target shopping and I collected some things in a Forever 21 online shopping bag, just haven’t ordered it yet.  Anyway, I had to drive back in the snow today, which was awful. So now I’m back at school where I have already worked on homework for three and a half hours, and I still have more to do so that’s great.

This coming week, what is going on? I have no idea. I know that Katie may or may not be visiting this weekend, I really hope she is. Either way I know I will be heading to Target on Saturday to get the after Valentines Day sales on chocolate. If Katie comes we’re going to go to Rockville and maybe DC, we shall see what happens. Other than that I have my basic weekly chores, homework, papers, lab reports, the list goes on and on. My biggest thing right now is trying and getting my Model UN paper done, but I still have two more topics to read through so I’m not really looking forward to that, I like the arguing my place parts, not the writing down my position part.

Okay so what I really wanted to share with you guys is some stuff that I want to start doing on here, and I would like your input if at all possible. The first thing is review products, shops on sites like etsy, and even shows and movies on Netflix. This is something I really want to do just because I love reading them and I find them really helpful as well, they’re something I’m always looking up so I’m going to try it and see how it goes. Now one project that I’m seriously considering is a lookbook and that will either be here or on my YouTube channel, I’m not sure which yet but I really want to do one so I have to try and get one of my friends to help me with it. Also, next thing, something I want to try and do is get more involved in the blogging community, so to come on here today and have two comments from two amazing bloggers made my day (don’t worry, I’ll mention them soon with links!). Some days I get really discouraged when a post doesn’t get any likes, but then I stop and think to myself, that’s not what I’m here for, I’m here to share my story and put stuff out there for other people to take in if they want. I had my blog for five months before I shared it with anyone outside of a very few close friends, and that was a big step for me, but the people like my uncle and my parents who get it emailed to them daily have been nothing but supportive. Then to get texts, tweets, facebook messages, and even family members coming up to me to let me know that they are impressed or happy with this makes it totally worth it and I’m glad I decided to share this with the world. I can’t wait to see where this brings me. So yeah this just got super sappy, way to go Mary. So thanks to all of you reading this right now, it means a lot.