Positivity 2.0.

This semester has been lacking positivity from me, or at least in my opinion. I mean, as my nickname is Debbie Downer in more than one group of friends, I still want to maintain a positive energy about myself.

Recently, I’ve felt that my blog especially has not been very positive. It’s just a lot of me asking questions, not being sure, or even disappointed. I just feel like I can do better. So today, I’m here to spread positivity. I’ve been thinking of ways to do this, and I figured the best ways would be to make a list of the positive things in life and positive quotes, so I’m just going to do that.

  • It rained today and didn’t snow, which might mean that winter is almost over.
  • IHOP has the double dipped french toast back, this time with peanut butter *insert heart eye emoji here*
  • If you’re reading this you have access to internet which is pretty great
  • You’ve made it half way through the week!
  • People care about you
  • Chocolate is a thing and it’s amazing.
  • You can basically do whatever you want, sometimes the only thing stopping you is you. That’s a kind of a stupid idea because a lot of the time it isn’t true, but at the same time it’s kind of true. The world is kind of your oyster.
  • It’s almost mid way through the semester.

What are you going to do today to be positive? I hope everyone has a great day.


How to Prepare for the Snowstorm

Apparently there’s supposed to be a lot of snow this weekend, starting tonight. I don’t know if I can believe it, if I’m being honest. However, in case it does, here are some tips for preparing for the storm.

  • Have something to do- Don’t allow yourself get bored. Make sure you have at least one thing in mind to do that doesn’t require electricity, for example almost any craft.
  • Have food- snacks, candy, but also protein and other things in case you can’t cook. So essentially meals. The stores have been out of milk, bread, and eggs for days so good luck with those items at this point.
  • Keep a shovel in your car- I’ve learned this the hard way when the school calls and tells me to move my car, but my car is behind a three foot pile of snow.
  • Do your homework- This isn’t really how to be prepared or anything, it’s just a tip on what to do when it snows.
  • Have winter supplies ready to go- You don’t want to be searching for your winter boots when you have to walk to the dining hall, just to remember that you left them in your car on move-in day.
  • Keep blankets at the ready- Again, you never know when the power may go off, so always make sure you have blankets ready to go in case the heat goes off.

Are you in the 18-24 inch zone like me? The first flurries just started, I’m not ready for this. I don’t like snow. Stay safe everyone!


Go Away Winter.

I hate winter so much. So much so that I spent a decent amount of time trying to find somewhere that I could live that is the same temperature, specifically 75 degrees year round and I found either Sydney or South Africa so in about ten years you guys will know where to find me. It’s too cold and I hate the way the heater makes the room feel. It gets so stuffy so the window is open which just makes it freezing.

All I want to do is curl up in my blankets with Netflix and some decaf coffee. I’ve been using my laptop charger back thing as a foot warmer and my guess is that’s either dangerous or not healthy.

Winter is disgusting and I hate it. I also hate the heat. My prime weather is 70 and rainy, the highest temperature I’m willing to bear is 77 and lowest is 55. Snow is simply unacceptable. Wind and cold also unacceptable. Wind is only acceptable at night when it’s helping me sleep.

I suppose I’m very high maintenance when it comes to weather. I will search the globe until I find somewhere to live with acceptable temperatures year round. Otherwise I might settle in Maine for the summer and Florida for winter, however an escape from the east coast for a portion of my life would be nice too.

Where do you suggest I live? I’ve spent winters in both Maryland and Pennsylvania and they’re essentially the same except Maryland is bipolar. Let me tell you, Maryland is a weird state in general. People don’t yield and they really love their flag.

What’s your ideal temperature?



It’s not even winter and I hate the cold. Today it was cold and windy and the only thing that would’ve made it worse was the snow we were supposed to get. I walked to class in my sweatshirt and coat and I was still freezing. The wind burned my eyes and made my throat sting. I mean the fact that I’m sick probably doesn’t help the fact that my nose is basically dripping disgusting liquids on my way to class that freeze to the inside of my nose. Yes, now you’re all screaming “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” but this is how I feel during winter GROSS.

It snowed a little here but not enough to lay over the weekend and it really just makes me nervous for the rest of the winter. Since I’m TWENTY MINUTES below the Mason Dixon Line it seems as if anyway to remove snow within the first hour of it falling is lost which makes it difficult to get around. Maybe I’m just used to snow coming and being gone and usually having school anyway, but here a little bit of snow goes a long way and classes are canceled very quickly. Which is okay sometimes just not all the time.

The cold makes me want to crawl up under my blankets with coffee or hot chocolate and a not school related book or netflix. This is ineffective when I have stuff to do, like papers and studying, which I no longer want to do when it’s cold and gross outside. I also hate the cold so much. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend in the winter because cuddling would be nice but then I remember, relationships are expensive and I’m not at a point where I’m ready to think about someone in addition to myself. I’m allowed to be selfish I’m 20. Well that got weird… I guess that’s just what’s on my mind with this freaking cold weather.

What’s the weather like near you and where I can I move that it’s not cold or hot??


Sweater Weather?

I’ve spent my evening doing nothing since I have on class tomorrow since two got canceled and I have a splitting headache. I fell into the pit of YouTube watching hours of BuzzFeed videos where I unfortunately learned that they used the term “quarter life crisis” about a year earlier which I thought I invented so that’s upsetting.

Do you know what else is bothering me? The lack of fall weather. It’s been too hot for me to wear just a sweatshirt or sweater. In the morning it’s nice and cool and by the afternoon it’s in the upper 70s and I’m sweating. I keep hearing about how this winter is supposed to be really bad but it’s not even cold yet. How is the winter going to be terrible if it hasn’t even been in the 40s yet. I don’t understand. I’m not asking for cold weather, I’m just asking for cooler weather. I’m tired of the heat and grossness of the air, it’s still super humid. That is not helping my hair situation. Also today was essentially a monsoon. My campus seriously needs to fix their sidewalks because they are so uneven and collect so much water it’s ridiculous. I actually ended up ordering rain boots in my first class because I was so fed up.

Okay I’m going to bed because I didn’t feel well last night so I was up a lot. I need to stop eating crappy food late at night it makes me feel really gross. Here’s to a good tomorrow. Hope you guys are having a good week!


Hello Fall.

I’ve always really liked the smell of fall. I also really like to wear oversized sweatshirts with leggings. Go ahead and make fun of my white girl tendencies. I’m just happy that fall is here. Fall is bringing with it stress but that’s okay hopefully it will get better. I haven’t really thought much about the seasons until it’s been forty degrees in the mornings and the leaves are super crunchy.  My favorite part of fall is the smell and the crunchy leaves. It’s not a good walk unless you’re crunching some leaves. I’m glad for the crisp mornings but fall will bring winter and this winter is supposed to be bad.

Last year winter was so bad that I lost track of how many snow days we had. While they were fun, it was a waste of my time at school. I think three is probably a good number, not days on days on day like we had last year. However, this winter is supposed to be worse. Rumor has it the region in which I’m in is going to get hit hard. The Farmer’s Almanac says so, I don’t know if I believe all of that but there seems to be some proof with that.  Snow is icky and it makes me not want to leave my room, let’s see how far we can go without a snow day, next semester?

Short post because it’s late. Hopefully better content is to come, but the writer’s block is real my friends.