Dear WordPress,

Well WordPress this evening’s post was supposed to be about my love for summer nights, however, you just changed my mind.

What on earth is this new format? I don’t think you asked for my permission to change it this drastically. This is not how I like to blog. I like to see clearly what I’m tagging as well as the categories I can chose from. I don’t like that it’s so narrow, what was this change based off of?

I guess this stems from my hatred of change, I like consistency, I like to know where everything is. I also don’t like how this font looks when I’m typing. What are you doing to me?

I don’t like this one bit, however it does look nice but I like the old way better. I could navigate to older posts to make sure I hadn’t written about my idea before. Where is that now? Where is my very easy to navigate dashboard? I miss it already and it’s hardly gone. My day went from good to sad. I’m very upset with this layout.

Does anyone else feel this way? This is worse than the twitter change. Maybe. Actually it is because I hardly ever look at my own profile, but I type here EVERYDAY!

I’m not okay with this. Someone fix it back to the way it was. It’s been gone for just a short amount of time and I miss it so much.

Dear WordPress, please fix this issue.



Before you go, it’s too hard to find the publish button and I like seeing my post when it’s completed, please change it back. Please, I’m begging.