Words are Scary

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As someone who loves to write it’s odd that I’m afraid of words or maybe that’s why they’re so scary to me. For most people I think words are just a means of communication, however they are so much more. The order of words and the way you emphasize certain ones or the choice of words themselves can entirely change the meaning of what you are trying to portray.

I don’t think I’m always the best with words, I chose the wrong ones and end up with my foot in my mouth quite often. It’s hard for me to determine what words are deemed appropriate for the situation and what are not. There are too many choices and when you say the first choice that comes to your head it’s not going to be quite the right one.

I think it’s easier to say the wrong thing because there is the perfect way to say the right thing but a thousand different ways to say the wrong thing. That’s really scary to me because I usually try to think before I talk but sometimes I don’t and I’m afraid of offending people when I don’t try it. I mean sometimes I try to offend people and then I pick the right words but sometimes I do it not on purpose and I end up feeling really bad.

Words can also be interpreted differently, you can read something wrong especially now in the texting era. There are so many different ways to read a text and unless you’re putting out an entire paragraph to explain every joke it’s so easy for things to get interpreted wrong. Jokes and sarcasm can be taken seriously and if you don’t explain yourself things can end up wrong, this is one of the few times when I can see technology interfering with our everyday lives. Sharing your thoughts on social media can also be dangerous. You have to watch what you say because subtweets are a thing and even if you don’t mean it, they can be taken in such a way where someone will question you as a person. That’s public for the world to see and it never goes away.

Words are more powerful than you think. Keep that in mind.


Books Lied to Me



Up until recently when growing up has prevented me from doing so I would read like there was no tomorrow. I spent days upon days with my nose in a book exploring a multitude of worlds, getting lost in the words, all of which gave me false hopes for reality. Somewhere between the lines of the pages my reality was slightly shifted to something of a fantasy world and with the exception of Harry Potter I read mostly realistic fiction so although it doesn’t quite make sense, I’ll explain.

I want to fall in a coffee shop, look over my warm mug on a rainy day and see the man of my dreams. I want to sit with that man and laugh until I cry and cuddle while we stargaze. See? Doesn’t book life seem so much better than real life?

Growing up I thought when a boy liked me he would throw pebbles at my window and I would climb out my window, not that I could actually do that, and we would whisper late into the night and then we would fall in love. I also thought that once you got to high school everyone dated, not me. Then I thought once you got to college you were basically already engaged and then right after college you got married and it was all because that boy threw pebbles at my window in the seventh grade. None of that happened, and I’m kind of glad, but I still think the pebble thing is cute.

Also, after reading so many books I learned to decipher who ends up with who and then I expected life to be like that too (after no boys threw pebbles at my window during the seventh grade). In books the main character usually only has two best friends, if they’re both girls, one of them has a very attractive older brother, but only by a year or two and they engage in a sneaky relationship until she inevitably finds out and is perfectly okay with it, and is excited that one day will be the both of you will be sisters. In the other case, you might have one girl friend and one boy friend, and in that case you fall in love with him, the boy that was in front of your face the whole time, but you didn’t notice until your ex-boyfriend was completely horrible to you and he was there to comfort you. Don’t worry about your best friend, she ends up dating your ex’s best friend, but you know he’s not as much of a dick like your ex was. The couples all live happily ever after too, it’s great. I always had more than two friends though, so I never fell in love with any older brothers and all of my guy friends were the dicks sooo that worked out well.

I think I have these types of expectations out of life (could be why I spending a lot of time and money at coffee shops) and I blame books for all of this. I’m waiting for a cute boy to approach me when boys think that girls want Express bags and Victoria Secret bags and Nike boxes dropped off at my door with a dozen roses. Some girls want to be the #WCW or be tweeted about, I’ll pass thank you. Books taught me to love the little things that people, not just boys can do for you. To me I would much rather receive a nice thought out letter than a bouquet of flowers, I would much rather spend time with someone, or get a phone call then check instagram and see a picture of myself.

I’m waiting though for my perfect book guy though. I deserve that and not the instagramers and the tweeters. One day. Or maybe not, we’ll see.




Today I relearned a very important lesson, kindness goes a very long way. I don’t think people understand what the power of words can do.

This is in both a positive and negative way. What you say to someone has the power to change their whole life. It can be as simple as a hello or even an I’m here for you. Words and actions can change a life. You never know what someone is going through and what you say can make or break their world.  This article is a prime example link and please read the story before going on with the post if you don’t know it.

Offering someone a hand in a time of need can literally save their life. On the other hand a “mean” word can literally rip someone apart so much you can destroy their life. I can’t tell you how many sad stories I read and see on tumblr. I hate the fact that I grew up in a place that one day someone’s not going to make it out of there in time and something really bad is going to happen there because people are so judgmental. Why can’t we accept those who are a little bit different? I shouldn’t have to worry about people I know getting bullied so bad that they’re suicidal. That’s scary. I hate that it’s acceptable to treat people like that, because really, it’s not.

Please don’t ever tell anyone to “go die” or “I hope your mom get cancer” those things aren’t okay to say and I hate the fact that I see them on a daily basis. Go ahead look through you favorite celebrities twitter responses because I can almost guaranteed  you that you will be so disappointed in society as a whole. I’m sure many of you may know about the Tyler Oakley/ Liam Payne drama, Tyler Oakley, internet fanatic felt so threatened he stayed offline for a week. No one should have to feel like that, no one should have to feel like that. I don’t think people understand the power words have, you can literally rip apart someone’s life so much that they want to die. No one should want to die people should want to live and be happy.

Think twice before you say anything. Pay a stranger a compliment. Tell your best friend you love them. Never take anyone for granted. Be kind and if you think you can make someone smile, do it because chances are, they need it.

On that note I would like to again put my email here (marysaverageadventures@gmail.com) because I touched on suicide again and I never want anyone to feel like there isn’t any other option. I’m a good listener and I can try to make you smile. Please find someone who can help you because life will get better and I’m sorry if it was a person that made you feel that bad. Someone can make you feel better again.