Job Searching is Work, NOT Luck.

I walked across the stage at graduation with the knowledge that within the next month I would be starting a full-time job using the diploma they were about to hand me. I was told a multitude of phrases when I told people, family, close friends, and all of my mentors were very congratulatory, they knew how hard I had been working towards getting a job post-graduation. My roommates knew that I spent most of my free time applying for jobs and going on interviews that lead nowhere. On top of my school work (and work) applying for jobs was essentially a full-time gig for me.

Acquaintances, random people who felt obliged to ask me what I was doing post-graduation were less congratulatory and were far more likely to tell me how lucky I was. “You know not very many people graduate with a job lined up, you’re quite lucky,” was a response I got quite often. Let me tell you, luck had absolutely nothing to do with it. I had worked my butt off for 17 years in school, and I wanted something to show for it, more than a piece of paper. I worked extremely difficult to get a job- it wasn’t easy but you can do it.

Here are my tips for your job search:

  • Start sooner rather than later- it’s better to start early and know early then start late and no have anything lined up.
  • If it says 3-5 years experience and you’re just graduating college, apply anyway. Use your experience from school, internships, etc.
  • The worst that can happen is they say no. Trust me- you can get really far and they’ll say no and it’ll SUCK, but then you’ll get a different job and be fine. I know from experience.
  • Networking is important, knowing people helps, but at the end of the day, you need to sell yourself. Know your strengths and how you can help a company grow, that’s what will get you far.
  • Ask for help, see if your connections know of any places hiring or know of people that are top rated in your industry that can give you advice.

Work hard to work hard, but if you do something you love it’ll be worth it.


Food Service Industry

I currently work in the foodservice industry. Trust me it’s not a pleasant job. Today I’m going to give you a list of advice that drives fast food employees mad!

  • Regular is not a size. If you want the size on the menu read the menu to find out what size that is.
  • If you do not know what you want do not get in line, especially when there’s a lot of people around.
  • Don’t get in line if you left your money in the car.
  • Do not change your mind five times, especially back between two things.
  • Don’t ask a million questions about something.
  • The person in the front did not make your food, do not blame them when it’s wrong or taking too long
  • Don’t ask for a Whopper at McDonalds and don’t ask for a Big Mac at Burger King, chances are I don’t know the comparisons and I’m just going to say sorry we don’t have that.
  • Don’t call the poor person taking your order babe/cutie/or anything like that, especially if you look like a creepy old man.

Okay sorry I have to be up early tomorrow to take care of some stuff for my internship, so that’s it for today. I think I’m going to do some hair stuff tomorrow (MAYBE) so maybe you can look forward to that. Or you can look forward to just a nice post. Thanks for reading guys!