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  • Our Birth Story: The Hospital Lost Our Baby

    Now I will start this story with the best part, I’m typing this while pretty much fully recovered with my son laying next to me on the couch- the journey to get to this point was not as wonderful. I will let you know that if you are expecting or planning on having a baby…

  • 5 Out-of-the-Box Sex Reveal Ideas

    If I hadn’t experienced pregnancy during a global pandemic, I’m not sure that I would have participated in a sex reveal. It always seemed like an odd concept to me- celebrating a baby’s genitalia, but alas, I wanted to be able to share the news with our family in a fun way. We decided to…

  • Getting Through the First Trimester

    Personally, I was not prepared for what the first trimester had in store for me. While this is my first (and possibly only) pregnancy, I thought my life-long obsession with mommy bloggers would have better prepared me for the nightmare that was the first trimester (at least in my case). I think what I was…

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