Pretty Places

Pretty Places

I don’t know what you guys think, but the US capital is one of the prettiest places in the country. DC may be a dirty city in some places, but the National Mall is something that holds beauty. This past weekend my friend Katie and I traveled to DC for a day trip. My school is not far, so we decided to take a metro. We explored places such as the Holocaust Museum, the Natural History Museum and what seemed to be a business type area where we got Nandos for lunch. It was really nice to get off campus for the day and see some of the beauty that is within the walls of our own country. Here’s my volg of our day filled with some Complete Average Adventures :)

Okay so I’m posting this before the video is up, but I’m going to do another little post with the video in it as well. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Feel free to follow me on twitter for some more of my daily adventures! This may also give you a heads up to when I will be out and about and maybe doing some vlogging! I am really looking forward to what the future is holding in this aspect and I hope you guys are too! Thanks for reading and watching, love you all!



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