How to Survive High School: Sophomore Year

How to survive high school, week 2! Sophomore year was probably my best year throughout high school with minor hiccups and mistakes. When you are in your sophomore year, cherish it, make it the best year of high school because essentially it’s the only year that you have hardly any responsibilities. Sure you have the daily responsibilities of class, and you might want to consider taking the PSATs (which I highly suggest you do) but there is nothing that you must do to begin planning for your future. Cherish these moments because soon enough they will be gone.

Of course, this is not me guaranteeing you a perfect sophomore year, because even though it was one of my “best” years of high school, bad things do happen. I experienced my first heart break, which I will admit was very hard, but I made it through and I’m okay now. I would go into further detail on this, but heart break will be a series of its own. I allowed myself to get in a bad relationship with a guy who wasn’t very nice, not mean or abusive in anyway, but I saw it pretty quickly in the relationship and I ended it. I also failed my drivers test the first time, it sucked but I got it the second time around, and I have never felt a greater sense of freedom.

I think sophomore year was the first time I began to see the expectations people had for me and sometimes it was a little overwhelming.
  I think sophomore year was the first time I began to see the expectations people had for me and sometimes it was a little overwhelming.

With my first AP class on top of three honors classes, a concussion, and the new responsibilities of work and driving sometimes was a little overwhelming for a 16 year-old teenage girl.  However overwhelming it was it was just as nice to no longer be the youngest in the school, but not the oldest yet either. It was nice to be in the middle. The middle is good because you can start to make really good connections, run for positions of clubs, take a chance and try to make friends with some upperclassman because it really helps you in the later years. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

I think sophomore year is one of those years maybe where really no one is watching your every move waiting for you to fail, it’s one of those years where no one really cares what you do, so do what you want because you might be judged or made fun of for a little bit but it’s not going to leave anyone with a lasting impression. It’s one of the best years for you to be as you as you can be because junior year comes with lots of stress and senior year is what everyone remembers, so take sophomore year with a grain of salt and have as much fun as you possibly can.

To be honest I don’t know if this was really a survial guide, so if you have any questions about your sophomore year of high school, comment or email me. I hope it helped a little bit!




January 14: An intravenous fluid to rehydrate patients.


January 15:  For what alleged minor offense was Martin Luther King Jr. arrested and jailed in January 1956 while he was leading the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott?


2 responses to “How to Survive High School: Sophomore Year”

  1. Hey, I just binged on your blog and I’m all caught up!

    Now I get to guess on the trivia… I’m guessing you & MLK had speeding in common. Or do I owe Dr. King an apology?

    1. Guess you’ll find out when I post my next post in about five minutes for sure :)

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