My Adventure: The Coolest Movie Theater EVER!

So my friend Ashlee invited me to the movies today, she’s a commuter and lives a few towns over, but I decided that I could do something on a Saturday night. Now, let me tell you it was totally worth it. First of all we went to Friendly’s for dinner and it was delicious, so good job Friendly’s. Anyway, we then went to the movies to get our tickets and we still had an hour until it started so we went to Sheetz. Ashlee and her cousins seemed a little annoyed that the ticket was $12 and that’s how much it is at the one near school so I assumed it was normal. They proceeded to tell me that usually it’s only around $8, so why did we pay $12? Because since it was a new movie, “That Awkward Moment” they only show it in the VIP theater, however, I still didn’t know what that meant, and they explained that it meant that there were comfy chairs. Little did I know that those comfy chairs would change my movie theater experience forever.

This is the seat. I don't even have a seat like this in my house. It even reclined.
This is the seat. I don’t even have a seat like this in my house. It even reclined.

As you can see I’m still really amused by this whole thing. I mean obviously I did a whole blog on it. I’ve seen the bed and couches theaters on tumblr and stuff but I never thought they were real. Is this like a common thing? Do any of you guys have movie theaters like this? Because there is nothing like this near my house. Well that’s my adventure sorry it’s lame and I’m easily entertained.





January 22: Oxpeckers


January 23: What song is playing when the screen turn to black in the controversial diner-scene finale of TV’s The Sopranos?

January 24: What are the two most popular highlighter colors?

January 25:  What are the only two U.S states to have a single consonant in their names?

January 26: What role did an Australian beach play in the design of the very first iMac computer?

January 27:  How many bonus squares are there on an original Scrabble game board?

January 28:  In what TV show was Broadway superstar Mary Martin’s son shot by Hollywood superstar Bing Crosby’s daughter?

January 29:  When it comes to weather what is the SWEAT index?

January 30:  What is the real name of the Cookie Monster on TV’s Sesame Street?

January 31:  Where in its body does a camel store water- which it can drink 20 gallons at a time?

February 1:  What is the only diploma hanging on the wall of billionaire Warren Buffett’s office?


Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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