Serious Thoughts

Sometimes, I think seriously.  Although, I think life should be fun, exciting, and we should try and laugh at the little things, there are somethings I take very seriously. I was thinking today about some of these things and I thought I would just make a list about it.

  • Suicide and depression is not a joking matter. Ever. Never ever tell anyone to go kill themselves, never joke about wanting to kill yourself, never say that you’re depressed if you’re just having a bad day. I see a lot of jokes like this on twitter and tumblr, and I think everyone should know that it’s not okay. There are real people who struggle with these things and they shouldn’t have to hear people making jokes about it or glorify them. I guess self-harm would also qualify under this category. When you reblog pictures of people who cut words into their arms and then caption it “beautiful” it’s not beautiful, it’s sad. It’s sad that someone is so depressed that they are carving words into themselves, they need help, and you telling them that it’s beautiful is not helping them.  This is actually something I’ve done a few blog posts on, so if you go under  the “Serious Stuff” category you can read more about my opinion there.
  • There are certain words that people shouldn’t use in any circumstance or situation. I don’t even want to write these word here because they’re so offensive, so I’m just going to put the first letters: the n-word, the r-word, and the f-word. The n-word is a racial slur and it makes any user of the word sounds very uneducated, especially when they call their white friends that. Grow up and get some class, please. The r-word is offensive to any person who struggles with mental disabilities, and maybe not to them directly but their family and friends that care about them. I think this is a thing that younger kids use more often, but try words like stupid instead, the r-word is unnecessary. Finally the f-word and I’m not talking about the four letter one, I’m talking about the three letter one. When you call a gay person this you are more likely to come off as homophobic then accepting. To be honest, if you’re still homophobic in today’s society you are fighting a battle that you are going to lose. So to anyone from my hometown reading this, grow up and be loving like Jesus taught us, even those who are gay. Love everyone. Don’t use these words.
  • Don’t be the dream crusher. This is something I deal with on a regular basis from various people that I encounter, anywhere from work to school. At the beginning of the year when I was still very set on being a Journalism major, a kid tried to tell me at dinner that I just had to be a Computer Science major, why? Because he was and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. Never be that person, sure you’re passionate about something, but that doesn’t mean every person has to be. I can’t even begin to express my anger towards him, I can feel it starting again. You don’t have to crush someone’s aspirations and dreams just because you think that you’re better. Also, this applies to things like Santa to kids, never be that person either.
  • People should never be called ugly or fat or scrawny or too thin or overweight or anything derogatory towards someone’s appearance. If you can see it as an outsider, they’re thinking it themselves a thousands times a day,  along with a lot of other really negative things about themselves. Also, making fun of people for something as trivial as looks is just mean and you can’t get much lower than that. You never know what people are going through or thinking themselves, they don’t need more negativity in their lives.

Okay so those are my serious thoughts for the night. A snow day spent alone with lots of work bring many distracting very serious and not so serious thoughts. Off to do more work unfortunately. Is winter over yet? I’m tired of the snow even though it does bring days off, I don’t know if it’s worth it though some days. Okay I need to stop procrastinating now, no plug today because there will be a long one tomorrow, sorry! Still in need of help though!




2 responses to “Serious Thoughts”

  1. People actually tend to use depression-connected sayings and jokes a lot – especially because they’re not sensitised and made aware of its real impact, maybe also because they never experienced a case of depression in their circle of friends or family. I believe that people have to become conscious of the fact that anyone could suffer when they’re telling them something like ‘I’m so depressed’ instead of ‘I’m just not that well today’.
    Liked this post a lot, really well done. Some things just have to be said.

    1. Sometimes people just need to think before they talk.
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!

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