For those of you who are unaware, today is the day of the Semicolon Project. Incase you don’t let me explain. Basically in honor of those who self-harm, are suicidal, suffer from depression or anxiety, and for all of those who are simply unhappy, a semicolon is drawn on the wrist of all those who suffer and support. This is because a semicolon is used when an author could have ended the sentence but decided not to, the project then compares it to people, everyone is the author of their lives and insteading of giving up when times are bad, they kept going. As I suffer anxiety I decided to particpate this year, I’m not sure why I never did, I don’t know if I just didn’t understand it. To me though, the semicolon on my wrist is a reminder that no matter how bad the panic attack gets it’ll go away, life will go on, and so will I.

You might’ve seen these on none or numerous people today. If you did, I hope you can support them. This is a lot like the Butterfly Project, however that focuses on self harm. You may even notice an increasing number of people with semicolon and butterfly tattoos on their wrists because they are survivors. I encourage everyone to be supportive of these people because some of them have been to hell and back I’m sure. However, they never stopped trying, they always aspired to get better because they saw that they didn’t like the direction their lives were going. Be proud of them, because it’s easy to fall back into an old routine.

Today was a particularly sucky day for my anxiety and I, especially during voting when all of the sudden tears were welling up in my eyes and I couldn’t leave the room, only making it worse. However, maybe the semicolon helped me feel a little more relaxed. I think anyone who suffers from any of the above things remember the semicolon. You’re story is not over, it’s just beginning. There is also some more information HERE  on the website incase you still had questions. I was going to try and include pictures but the internet here is so freaking slow.

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