“What Girls Want”

We’ve all seen them, those tweets saying “relationship goals” or “this is all I want” or a list of high demands from girls about morning texts, instagram pictures and tweets all about them. Well I’m here to say never have I ever wanted any of that.

Here let’s make a list of all these things girls “want”:

  • random cheek kissing
  • random texts saying you miss me/cute texts
  • tweet about me
  • a picture of us on instagram/ being your woman crush Wednesday
  • the purchase of Victoria’s Secret bras/bathing suits/underwear/ect.
  • flowers on the front seat
  • declarations saying that I’m yours
  • jealousy stuff
  • morning/ goodnight texts
  • checking up on me
  • cuddling whilst driving
  • don’t talk to any other girls. ever.

All of this stuff is so stupid. First of all a relationship is a two way street. If you are expecting a guy to do all of that for you, I hope that you do all of that for him. Secondly, those are some pretty high demands. Personally, I would not feel comfortable if my boyfriend were to buy me underwear or bras, let alone $50 ones from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t even like flowers, they die I would not be impressed if I got in a car with those. Also, I don’t think jealousy is attractive and if I have a friend of the opposite sex, that shouldn’t be means for jealousy, just as I would not expect a guy to stop being friends with any girls. Sure, public acknowledgement of a relationship and all is nice, but  it’s not the world’s relationship it’s ours. I don’t need comments on my instagram pictures or pictures of me with the caption “#wcw” if you’re in a relationship with me I’m pretty sure you like me and probably my looks at least a little. Good morning and good night texts are okay, but I better not be waking up to a text when you get up because that will not lead to a happy Mary. Even texts saying how you miss me, that puts a little pressure on me, that’s kind of clingy. Too much to handle if you ask me. I don’t know why I kept seeing cuddling while driving in my little research on twitter. That’s just not safe! Come one people! Two hands on the wheel.

Okay now here’s a list of things I find practical in a relationship:

  • Being in the same room together, whether you’re doing something together or not, spending time together is what counts.
  • Going out without distractions, no twitter, no email, no texting, being able to talk and laugh with each other.
  • Talking on the phone maybe once a day or every other day, there doesn’t have to be constant contact.
  • Running errands together, simple things like getting shopping done and simply spending time is better than big fancy dates.
  • Chocolate over anything else. However, it’s not a necessity, I would consider that being high maintenance.

To be completely honest, relationships are only about the two people in it. I guess if you want all of that stuff it’s awesome and I really hope you find someone like that for you. Personally, I could never handle a relationship like that and I think guys should know that there are girls out there that have lower, maybe more realistic expectations.

Sorry this post might have offended people. I am only putting my own two cents in the matter hopefully you don’t get too upset with me. Thanks for reading either way!



Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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