Restaurant Review: Brick Alley- Newport, Rhode Island

So in case you weren’t aware I was just in Rhode Island for two night and three days. The night before we left we wanted to have a nicer dinner, well Rhode Island is expensive to have a nice and affordable dinner. We stumbled upon this little place, that was nice, but not too nice, so it was also affordable. It was called Brick Alley. I don’t remember who found it or how we found it but we looked at the menu outside and it looked good enough and it was perfect, well almost. The decor was so neat, imagine Applebees, but better. So all that old fashioned “clutter” but in the cutest way possible. We were sat next to an old fashioned fire truck, but only the front half. Wish I got a picture, darn it Mary.

In addition to that I would say that the food was good. Everyone seemed to really like theirs, my only complaint would be that the french fries were a little thick. I’m very picky about potatoes because I don’t really like them. The staff was friendly, however, I did see them eating at the little section where they ring up the orders. Normally I wouldn’t complain about this, it’s just that they were in plain sight, and in my opinion at least try and hide it! Come on now.

If you are ever in the Newport area, be sure to check this little place out. It’s really good.




3 responses to “Restaurant Review: Brick Alley- Newport, Rhode Island”

  1. The ranch and wings are calling my name…especially the ranch!

    1. The wings looked great, and they said they were! I’m not a huge fan of ranch, but the wings made my mouth water.

      1. “Not a huge fan of ranch”. Mary, I’m so disappointed in you! J/K.

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