The Fat Shaming Continues

I’m now more sick. I feel so gross yet I’m starting this on my break so I still came to work. I keep reading about the news in Missouri and I never thought I would see anything like that happen in my lifetime, so it’s really upsetting. The world can be such a terrible place. I hate reading the news because it’s so depressing, great thing that’s what the plan is for the rest of my life. Two journalists were arrested without reason and when the career path you have in mind is journalism, that just makes it sound like a blast. Anyway, not the point of today’s post.

Recently, on Facebook I’ve been seeing more blog posts about how the Fatkini trend on Instagram is wrong. I’ve been seeing quotes like “We shouldn’t accept an obese society” or “We’re promoting an unhealthy society” or “It’s not attractive.” Well first of all these all make me mad.

We aren’t accepting an obese society, obviously with statements like these. We should accept people for who they are and if it’s because they’re bigger that should be okay, we should be accepting people for who they are not for how much they weigh.

We aren’t promoting an unhealthy society, just because someone is overweight it doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy. Plus, every restaurant is promoting healthy eating while always featuring a salad, and chain restaurants usually have a section of food under X amount of calories. We aren’t promoting an unhealthy society it happens to people. People eat when their sad, people have thyroid problems where they can’t lose weight easily if at all. We are making people feel bad for something they have little control over.

I’m sorry but telling someone their aren’t attractive at all, let alone because of their weight is terrible and you should feel terrible about yourself if you do that. I have no tolerance for bullies and telling someone their fat and ugly is never okay and I hate seeing articles with similar terminology spread around the internet. It’s one thing to want people to be healthy because it’s good for them but it’s not okay to bully them so they feel bad about themselves.

When it comes down to it I honestly don’t know why people are so offended by the way someone looks, like get over it’s not you and it’s not your body. They aren’t affecting you in any way whatsoever, so get over yourself, stop making people feel bad for who they are, and mind your own freaking business, let people be happy with themselves. Honestly if we all let each other alone our self confidence would sky rocket. Stop putting other people down because of the way it looks, what the hell does that have to do with you or the way you look? Get out of everyone’s business and let people be themselves. If that’s who they want to be, let them be. You do you and I’ll do me.




3 responses to “The Fat Shaming Continues”

  1. You make a good point, Mary. The world is constantly making people feel bad about how they look and when you think about it, why do people feel the need to tell others they’re unattractive? I could understand if a friend asks another one for the truth about his or her looks; then I think it’s okay to tell them the truth, but otherwise, why say anything. Why do people feel the need to tell someone out of nowhere that they’re unattractive or need to lose (or gain) weight? I’ve had people comment on how skinny I am and I hate it. I’m not saying that being skinny is harder than being overweight; my point is that people already sometimes feel bad about something about themselves. If they don’t ask for your opinions, why give it in a mean way? It doesn’t make sense.

    1. Right! It goes both ways and it is one thing when you ask for someone’s opinion, but it’s another to be critical of everything about someone. I don’t get why people feel the need to publicly insult people.It’s so unnecessary and cruel.

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