2014: A Reflection

2014 has been a really weird year for me. Things happened that I never thought I would. I lost and gained a lot of friends. I did things I thought were impossible, I had an internship, I became happy at a school that I wanted to leave constantly. I struggled with anxiety worse than I ever have but once I began to get comfortable with where I was it significantly got better. I became a better blogger (thank goodness) and really ran with this blogging everyday thing- some days. A lot of people have really changed and affected my life, some in a positive way and some in a negative way. I traveled far up north and had a mini-vacation with my friends. I went to a party in the fall. I’ve found people who I like to spend time with and can actually tolerate for more than a few hours. I hate that I want to say that 2014 has been a rollercoaster for me, but that is accurate although it is indeed a cliche.


In January I committed to a blog post a day. While at home I worked and hung out with my friends. I tried to see as many people from high school as I could because they were still some of my closest friends. I dreaded the idea of going back to school. I was home for most of the month but went back to school with a lot of snow days. We would get emails upon emails of telling us where to move our cars next and asking us to avoid trees or certain entrances to buildings to avoid falling snow and the possibility of trees falling due to ice. It’s funny how about a half an hour below the state line they can’t get rid of snow even remotely as quickly as above it.


I always find February to be one of those months that just drag on and on, even if it is in fact the shortest month of the year. Sarah turned 16, which was just weird that my sister can drive. The best day of the month for me at least was February 15. Why? Because it’s a great sale on chocolate. I actually did my first haul with chocolate here, which is funny in my opinion. Again, lots of snow days and freezing weather. This is when my visits home became more frequent.


When March came around we were still having snow days. I had spring break and came home a few more additional times. School was getting rough, I kept looking into transferring and I just was not happy where I was. I was going home to avoid time spent there. My anxiety was rising and panic attacks were the new normal for me.


In April I went to Boston to visit Lindsay, this was a blessing in more than one way. Sure, I got to visit Lindsay and travel which was great, but I never thought that the journey to the bus stop would have given me so many friends. In February my friend Molly who I had Arabic and Biology with offered to drive me to the bus stop so I wouldn’t have to leave my car for the weekend somewhere in Baltimore. I had hung out with Molly and Gabby a few times before but not a lot, they were also friends with Logan, who I had hung out with a few times before. They were all great people that I just for some reason never spent enough time with earlier. I would probably say this is one of my biggest regrets of 2014, missing an opportunity to have these great friends earlier in the year just because I said no to hanging out with them. I should have said yes. I wish I would have said yes. My friend Meag joined us for the ride down and she ended up hanging out with them the whole weekend I was gone. After I got back I started to join them and even though I had friends like Zoe and Rachel before I left I got back and things were different. I was invited and included in a group of people, people seemed to really care about me. I’m not saying Zoe and Rachel didn’t care about me, because I know they do, it was just different being in a group since the three of us had different friends as well.


May came with the end of the school year, when I was just starting to get comfortable with where I was. I met Eric in May when he started hanging out with my new group of friends too, I’m really grateful for this because he is now one of my really good friends. I did not know that when I met him. Zoe and I hung out at May Madness with Rachel a little bit. Then I went home for the summer. At home I worked and saw Lindsay and Jade a lot as well as Katie, Alex, Margaret, and Hannah from work. At the end of the month I received an internship where I would spend the rest of my weekdays. Although this limited a lot of social time due to early mornings it was a great opportunity that I am so fortunate to have.


June came around pretty quickly and left just as fast. Honestly I don’t remember anything very significant happening just because I was so busy with work. I would work Monday through Friday at my internship and then every other Saturday at my other job. It was a busy month with the essentially basic humdrums of life. I think this is when I started to talk to Hiba, my first internet friend and just a great person all around. I’m so glad she answered my call to be interviewed for my blog.


July was adventure month. I went to NYC with my family and Rhode Island with Lindsay, Jade, and Lauren. I was only off work for a week but it was a very busy week. This was another anxiety filled month. Back in June I had tried to give up caffeine to fix it but it didn’t do anything and it got a lot worse this month. This was the only time I missed a blog post simply due to anxiety and not to being busy or forgetting. I continued to work through it, I tried yoga and hated it.


In August I finished up my internship and I was going back to school and not really looking forward to it still. I had new friends and old friends waiting for me there but I didn’t want to leave home. I have never been much of a homebody but I didn’t want to do all of the goodbyes again. I did and I’m glad. No offence to all of my friends and family at home but I got back and I was so happy about it. Zoe came over the first night and we just hung out. I saw all of my new friends and Meag and Rachel and it was great right off the bat. I was happy to be back. Classes started and I was actually excited to be in class for once.


September was one the best months for me this year. Sure my birthday is in September but it was still great anyway. I went to my first party EVER. It was on my goals for the year (which will be reviewed later tonight) and it wasn’t terrible. I didn’t dread it at all actually, I had fun. I didn’t drink at all because that scares me, however, I still had fun. My birthday came around I went to IHOP with my friends and enjoyed time with my family. Becca and Chloe started hanging out with me at this time too, which is nice because they are two of the nicest people I have ever met.  This was the first time I went home since summer and I didn’t want to stay, I actually looked forward to going back. It was a complete turnaround from the previous semester.


October was good, I hung out with my new friends more and more. I had people to hang out with on the weekends and I stopped constantly eating in my room. There was more to life than the confinement of my room for me now, I had people to talk to. I keep saying this like I didn’t before, and I did, it was just different to feel like I was a part of a group. I went home for fall break and spent my time with Lindsay and at work. It was nice to be home but it was also nice to go back.


The time flew by, I can’t believe this was just last month. Classes were winding down with papers and projects and preparation for finals. I came home for Thanksgiving and spent time with my family. I also received the opportunity to go back to my internship for the last two weeks of winter break.


December had to be the fastest month of the year. I went back to school and studied and wrote and studied. I crafted on the weekends with my friends and just enjoyed my last few weeks of the semester. I came home and worked and celebrated the holidays. This month I blinked and it was over. It was insane.

I am so thankful for everyone who touched my life this year, I mean I’m sure if you’re reading this you were a part of it. From my friends at school to my friends at home, I am so grateful. I will be reviewing my last year goals as well as sharing my new ones with you later this evening. I hope you have a wonderful new year!



A lot of these pictures were reused from other posts, so sorry about the captions on some of them.


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