Alone on Valentines Day: Part Two

Today I am anxious and cranky. I don’t know why this day didn’t go as planned so maybe that’s it. I’m ready for Sunday but I hate wishing away time so I’m going to look forward to it but not rush towards it.  Anyway in an effort to be positive I’m going to give part to of my tips from last year (that weren’t really tips) on what you should do when you’re alone on Valentines day.



  • Go out with friends- there’s nothing stopping you from going out (except for the crazy crowds) but you can still have a good time with people you love and not have to be in a relationship with anyone else.
  • Eat chocolate in your room and watch sappy movies. Honestly if I don’t develop any type of plans I’m going to do this.
  • Look forward to the after Valentines Day sale where all of the chocolate is 50-75% off at Target.
  • Order in to avoid the crazy crowds. Pizza or even like curbside to-go that so many chain restaurants have you can just pick up food rather than do the whole wait and hardly have space to move your arms thing.



  • Do something- go to the movies, go to the mall. Don’t sit in sorrow that you’re single. Maybe it’s best that you are, you probably haven’t met the right person yet.
  • Remember it’s just another day. If you don’t have anyone to share it with you have friends. It’s just as important to show them love as it is to show a significant other. The fact that you’re single does not impede on your ability to have fun or enjoy just another Saturday.





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