I Have Arrived!… Three Days Ago.


Okay so this post was supposed to happen like three days ago, like the day I got here, but it’s been crazy. There is so much orientation stuff and tour stuff and people stuff that in the free time I’ve had, I’ve had to do home college stuff. But I’m here and it’s beautiful.

So far I have done two walking tours, a bus tour, food shopping, things I need shopping, and I might’ve made an impulse purchase on a pair of boots, whoops (but I promise you I’m not a shoe person and I don’t have anything like them!!!).

I am doing okay with jet lag so far. I have been able to sleep and get up without any problems, now that I saying this and sharing it online I won’t be able to sleep tonight. And guess what!!! I got into all of the classes I was approved for! Thank goodness because I was very worried that I was going to be placed in a class and then not get credit for it back home, but God was on my side, must be everyone praying for me!

Although, I wouldn’t say that I am jet lagged, I’m still tired haha. I would say that’s because everything I’ve done so far. It’s like packing so much into the first week and I’m just trying to keep in mind that I have three months here to see and do as much as I can and it doesn’t all need to be in the first week so I can give myself a break to do things like blogging.

The view outside my window is amazing. It was on my snapchat @mrmilligan13, and while you’re following that, make sure you follow me everywhere because that’s my name on twitter and Instagram as well! Also, my Facebook page is getting exclusive pictures and posts so make sure you’ve liked that as well!

Okay more to come soon, not on study abroad, more on life!


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