Things that Confuse Me: Part 2

There are a lot of things in life I don’t quite understand. So here’s an extension of Things that Confuse Me with added things and advice from my friends here in Dublin (well Galway for the night).

  1. Jenna says fridges, but I think it’s cold water and fans, so Jenna just needs to understand.
  2. Why are flowers romantic? They die.
  3. Rain taxes. It’s natural and you can’t help it.
  4. Why people in Maryland are so obsessed with Maryland. They love the state so much, yes it’s cool, but the flag is everywhere. I just don’t understand.
  5. Jayden, the Californian, why people feel comfortable shortening the name to Cali as if they’re close to the state, like they’re friends?
  6. Jenna says, why people think that everyone in Texas owns a horse, but are surprised when they find out she was in FFA?
  7. Jayden says how can silk be a nasty spider web and a nice shirt?
  8. Why leg hair grows the opposite way on the back of your legs
  9. Reality tv, how is it so good? It’s people leaving over dramatic lives.
  10. Why do walls sweat? Like condensate when it gets hot. (Jayden)
  11. How does a 100 degree bath burn you, but your body is already nearly 100 degrees?
  12. Scabs. Your body just stops the bleeding.

What confuses you? These are just a few of many.



10 responses to “Things that Confuse Me: Part 2”

  1. -I think I’ve said this before and so have you, but time zones. I know they’re necessary, but do they have to be so confusing?
    -How social media and almost everything is on the internet, but it seems impossible to find good online writing jobs.
    -Why people enjoy reading online better than having the actual books
    -How people think it’s a good idea to be able to get guns so easily
    -Why there have to be so many versions of iPhones
    -So many other things that I can’t remember right now

    1. -It’s crazy. We do daylight savings time earlier here, so now I’m only 4 hours ahead of home, so strange!
      -Or why online writing jobs can seem so sketchy!
      -I don’t like reading books better online, but it can be more convenient
      There are so many confusing thigs!

      1. I know! All online writing jobs seem like they can’t be trusted!

  2. Just thought of something else that’s utterly confusing. How you can order two different things and one package can be fifteen minutes away from you and come the same day as the package that’s like an hour away! It’s like the delivery service holds on to the package just so it doesn’t come early! As you can see I’m waiting for something to come, lol!

    1. Haha or that something from across the world can get there faster than something that’s just a state away!

      1. Yeah! And it travels the same shipment option! I’m excited though because the behind the scenes book for Back to the Future I ordered is coming today! :) :)

  3. So I know you wrote this post a little while ago but I just thought of how this is something I have never really understood and thought I’d post it here!

    Why do people rake and throw out their leaves in the fall?!

    Now, I get why someone might rake them and then jump in them (I’ve never really done it I don’t think, but I can see the fun in it), but I don’t get why people throw them out or whatever. First of all, they’re GORGEOUS and second of all, they’re part of nature. They don’t harm anyone and it’s not like you really need to cut the lawn during the Fall and Winter months. I just don’t get it. Am I missing something?

    1. I actually know the answer to this one! When they get into the streets, like if they are runoff, it can be dangerous for cars and make the roads more slippery

      1. I guess….But they’re so nice!

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