Average Adventure: 24 Hours in London, England

So before I went to London for my week off, I actually was there the weekend before, it was one of those weird planning things. I went with my friends from here, but I actually got separated because we were supposed to ride the bikes around to get around the city, but I got super anxious, like actually had a panic attack  anxious. The real blessing about the early panic attack was that the rest of day, I was under the impression that I had already hit the worst I could mentally hit so it didn’t matter how many times I got lost, I found a map and found my way. Gotta look on the bright side!

We were there for essentially 24 hours so we did as much as we could in that 24 hours. Then I got separated, and did as much as I could in 24 hours even though I was literally going back the next weekend.


Tower Bridge is simply gorgeous. Well, there’s actually quite a bit of people on it and I’m terrified of bridges and we walked across it, which probably didn’t help then with the panic attack that was about to occur.


Here’s Jenna on the bike, the last I would see of her for several hours. I did try to ride the bike, I was just really afraid of hitting a pedestrian or something along those lines.

So the first thing I did was go to see the Globe, but more so to me it’s the bridge that was destroyed by the Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I also liked the picture of the trees that was blurry so I decided to share it with you.

I then headed off to The Eye, which is owned by Coke apparently. I took a lot of pictures of it, but I did not go up it because it is expensive, the line is long, and I’ve already done it.


This view of Big Ben though. This is just a nice picture that I took on my walk.


I tried to take a selfie with Big Ben in the back, it did not go as planned. I couldn’t get everything in focus.


Here is  view of The Eye from a distance, it’s a very interesting structure. If I think about it long enough it’s kind of a weird thing. What are your opinions on a huge ferris wheel that you pay a lot of money to get on?


Just a classic telephone booth picture. I wanted to change it a little bit from the red. Well actually I tried to make just the telephone booth red, but I got too frustrated with the editing software I use so I gave up.

I spent a lot of time in what I thought was Hyde Park, but when I asked a lady in a cafe where the Peter Pan statue was (that’s where I was going to meet my friends) but she told me that I was in the wrong park. I still don’t understand. I think a lot of parks are just connected, so maybe these pictures are from Hyde Park, maybe not.

So yes, that was my 24 hours in London, and over the next few weeks there will be more from London, Brighton, Madrid, and Sevilla.

Which should I post first? Chronological or is there anything anyone wants to see first?



6 responses to “Average Adventure: 24 Hours in London, England”

  1. First of all, I admire you for going to all these places! Second of all, I love the telephone booth picture and how you made it black and white! It’s so cool. I also like the picture of The Eye in the distance. I’m not a ride person and have never been on a Ferris Wheel, but I think making people pay a lot to go on it is kind of ridiculous, but typical.

    I also love the last two pictures. Their both gorgeous, wherever you were!

    1. Thank you!! I like Ferris Wheels if they are stationary, not the kind the rock.

  2. I want to go back to London so much! I went with a tour company when I was in high school. Unfortunately I only had about a day and a half there because of flight issues. I was so bummed. Because of those flight issues the tour company we went with through did buy us tickets to go on the London Eye and to go see a musical at no expense to us. While being on the Eye is cool and you do get some great views, I wouldn’t say you missed out on too much. Even though I had a lot of flight troubles, I was still able to hit up a lot of the stuff you talked about in this post, but I want to just wander London like you did. I hate having to rush everywhere when I travel. Can’t wait to read more of your Europe posts!

    1. I went with a tour company too and did the Eye and went to a musical too! The only thing I didn’t like about the eye when I went and why I didn’t do it again, was that the windows were dirty and it was hard to get good pictures. Me too! I love just taking everything in.

  3. I love London! Am so jealous, I want to go back so badly. I didn’t mind the London Eye, but in the end it was just a view, if that makes sense.

    1. London is one of my favorite cities! I agree that it was just a view as well.

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