12 Days of Christmas: Day 6- Last Minute Gift Ideas

day 6

We’ve all been in that place where you just can’t figure out what to get that last person on your list and suddenly it’s the 19th and it’s crunch time. Here are some ideas for when you are completely and utterly stuck for ideas!

  • Gift cards- Although they seem rather impersonal sometimes the best thing to do is just let the person you’re shopping for pick their own present.
  • Those impulse buy items I told you not to buy yesterday. If you’re stuck sometimes it’s best to make a little gift basket of little useful things, not the junky things that will get thrown away, but makeup bags, anything that could be used everyday makes a good gift. If someone just moved out little things for the kitchen, anything really.
  • Donations in their name- If you are buying for someone who would rather give than receive find out their favorite charity and give the money to that instead.
  • Food- Okay so maybe this only works for teenagers/college students/younger people with a small income, but they will love it and cherish it for as long as it lasts.
  • Anything useful. Think about their life and what they need, and if they really don’t need anything go back to the donations.
  • Inside jokes-  I love when people get me things that have meaning. For example, for my birthday Eric got me a Maryland state flag because I always make fun of it, and cow gummies because of the time I thought cows exploded, and that made me laugh and I loved it. This shows that you pay attention and appreciate someone.
  • Something funny- If all else fails just go the joke route. While it will probably be junk that will go in the trash in a few months or years it’s fun in the moment and it will always be good for laughs and memories.

What are your last minute gift ideas?



7 responses to “12 Days of Christmas: Day 6- Last Minute Gift Ideas”

  1. Hey Mary! I know that I love gift cards! I think your idea for inside jokes is great, the gifts you got from Eric are hilarious. I’m sure they meant a lot to you. I think another good idea for people who write is notebooks since in my opinion, you can never have too many of those! :) Also, anything that would make a good stocking stuffer is a good idea! I hope you’re doing well. :)

    1. I agree, I love notebooks, I keep them all so they’re always useful!

    1. Thank you!! I’m doing one of them tonight!

      1. Sweet! Can’t wait to read the answers!

  2. When I don’t know what to get, I like to get something that I know the person wants but won’t splurge for on him/herself. However, this tends to be very ambiguous so I end up just getting something useful…:)

    1. I agree! That’s what I like to do too. :)

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