Long Time, No Blog

What else is new- I’m gone, I’m back, I’m gone, I’m back, the cycle truly never ends. As always, when I disappear for 5 months, I come back with a lot of changes so we’re going to quickly address those and then resume our regularly scheduled blogging. Aka three random posts a week- NO EXCUSES MARY!!!

The biggest news and will eventually be a whole blog post- I’M ENGAGED. So yes, wedding planning will now be a topic of my blog.

I’ve also moved out of my shit hole apartment into a new and slightly better one. The people that lived there before us didn’t clean or really take care of it for the five years they lived there so it’s a fixer-upper that my roommate and I took on for a rental so that’s different.

Additionally- I’ve re-vamped my job search which like hopefully no one from my current company still remembers this blog because if they see this line I’ll get fired because that’s the kind of place I work out. But really the drive is getting to be too much and I need more work to do. Ideally- I’d love to learn but we’ll see if that happens.

So here’s some poll questions that I’d love for y’all to give me some input on for what content should be posted!

That’s all I have for now and I will be back on Saturday!

Average Adventure Preview: Where I’ve Been

Well hello there everyone, I’m back to blogging (finally). The past few days I’ve been without wifi so no blogging can be done without that necessity. Currently I’m sitting in Orlando International Airport waiting to fly back to DC so I can finally be home after a week vacation. My family (well most of my family) has been hotel and theme parking hopping for a week, from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Cabana Bay (and a few other not as exciting hotels) as well as seeing all of the countries in Epcot and pixie dust in Magic Kingdom to seeing the fantasy lands of Diagon Alley and Hogwarts, even riding the Hogwarts Express. While I’ve had a great vacation, my new tan (and sunburn) and I are ready to go home.

Since I’m in the airport and there is no outlet to be seen I thought my best bet is to do a preview of the places I’ve been. By this I mean the few pictures I got to edit at the last hotel that are mostly of giraffes. I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed my love for giraffes on here, but I really love them, so staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge was really a dream come true for me. I even got to see a few baby giraffes. I only have pictures (not today) of the babies from the safari ride at Animal Kingdom because the one at the hotel was too far away, even with my zoom lens, but it was amazing.

Okay so there’s a bunch of giraffes and one zebra as my preview. I do have more to come (not just of animals). That will be up either later tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday. Maybe all three. There’s a lot of  pictures so it’s definitely going to have to be multiple posts, so I here’s me showing off so far.

I am very glad to be headed home. My first thing will be off to Target for several facemasks to replenish my skin that has been mistreated on vacation. I am very glad to be back to blogging, maybe this was the break I needed to figure out what I’m doing.


I Missed a Lot

So I basically just took a week off and it wasn’t for a vacation, it wasn’t directly because of my anxiety, it was because in the past week I’ve felt like I’ve hardly had the time to breathe. I missed writing, I missed blogging. I missed the pages, I missed my comments, I missed just about everything but I didn’t have the time. I didn’t even have the time to sit down and read what other bloggers were writing. I also missed my fake two year anniversary and this whole website.

I’ve cried a lot this past week and it’s not about to stop. I’m not ready to say goodbye. It has not yet truly sunk in that I’m not coming back for eight months. I’m going to visit in the fall but it won’t be the same and while I’m so looking forward to go away and have new experiences there’s also the very small part of me that like to come out and cry about the little things I’ll miss around campus, but mostly my friends.  It’s just this weird thing that whispers to my heart “You only have one more semester with Eric” well that’s also him telling me that to make me upset, but other things too like missing classes with Logan. However, there’s the plus side of things like trying to see Molly while I’m abroad because she is too and meeting new people and making new friends and having this huge variety of experiences.

The year has wrapped up with countless group projects, lots of anxiety (more than the rest of the year combined probably) and finals are rapidly approaching. I spend a lot of my time consuming excessive amounts of caffeine that I know I shouldn’t have because of my anxiety but I choose to stay awake and get work done. I have hardly even started packing. Let’s just say that after the hell that was last week, this week should be a sigh of relief after everything is finished. Hopefully I get a job soon, still waiting on that one, but I’m ready for a break. Not ready for goodbye.

There will hopefully be another post or TWO (I know make a shocked look because I’m coming for you) this afternoon/evening. Sorry for going MIA if anyone missed me, I sure missed it here.


Group Projects and Ending the Semester

Currently I have four group projects going on and a paper and an individual project all due next week. I have far too many responsibilities to be writing this but here are where the angers and frustrations go so they don’t get projected onto other people.

Group projects suck. I hate depending on other people for a grade, especially when I know people are unreliable. I feel like I have to do everything myself because even when I designate people can’t seem to do anything right. If you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself is really the best philosophy sometimes. I’m very frustrated with all of them and I feel the shutting out starting, like how I was last year and I would prefer that not to happen, but it probably will.

All of these projects and papers do however, signify the end of the year. Remember how excited I was last year? Not so much this year. I don’t have a job (I left there before I went to Florida in case I didn’t update you on that), I’m leaving people that I spend all of my time with and really care about this year, and I’m going to be home a lot longer this year. I know that makes me sound terrible to all the people at home, and yes I will enjoy seeing everyone at home, but I just know that this summer is going to be very different than last summer.

Everything just seems like it’s piling up on top of me and I’m stressed. Did I mention that I’ve had four phone interviews in the past three week and I’ve only heard no from two of them and nothing from the rest, and I have another tomorrow? There’s just a lot going on around me and I feel like I can’t get on top of any of it. I’m both completely ready and not ready for this semester to be over.

What is the stress on your end? Extreme or are you waiting for finals?



study abroad

So I made one of my goals for the New Year to study abroad. Well I found out on Monday that I was accepted to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland next fall! This means that Mary’s Average Adventures is going INTERNATIONAL!

It took me a while to share not only because I had to share the news with some family and friends first and also because I was still getting used to the idea of it all. Like it’s something I wanted to do but something inside of me kept saying I would never get in so I really had no expectations of actually going but things worked out!

As I keep you guys updated on literally everything going on in my life- this was some major news and obviously this was the first thing I wanted to do with it but I had to tell other people first, you know family and stuff. I’m really excited and like still processing it all.

I’m really ahead in my major and I don’t know if I want to do a minor so I’m mostly taking electives while I’m away. This means talking to a lot of different faculty members and different department heads trying to get all of the right permissions for a variety of classes.

So yeah here’s just a little update. Also I quit that challenge because I hated it. Whoops. I got very negative toward it so I’m just going back to the few times a week now- that’s probably best for me anyway.

Is anyone else studying abroad now or in the future or even in the past? I hope everything from here on out works out but who knows- things happen. As of right now in six months I will be in Ireland! Crazy!


The Mistake Hiatus.

So I told you guys I was going to Florida and before I went I was supposed to do the blog posts ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to worry about them. I guess it’s safe to assume I didn’t do them ahead of time and I also didn’t do any while I was there. It was a vacation. A much needed vacation at that.

So yeah I took four days off. Whoops. I think WordPress was concerned about me because I got an email from them this morning saying they missed me (I bet they say that to all the pretty ladies *insert winky face emoji*) so my guess this is also the longest I’ve ever been of the site so that in and of itself is almost an accomplishment.

I will tell you guys a lot about my vacation. I had a lot of fun, it started off my spring break with a positive step. I feel like a real college kid! I don’t want to get back into the swing of thing though. Like I really want to go to bed, I was in a car from about 4:15 p.m.  yesterday until about 4:40 p.m. today. We stopped for a long dinner, to sleep for about 3.5 hours, and made the journey back to school where my car was and then I had another two hours home. Then I had a ton of work to do for this week and before I go back to school.

Vacation is over and I’m back in reality. I will finish the 30 Day Post Challenge and share my Florida pictures with you guys as soon as possible!


Finals Week and Going Home Preparation.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s crazy. Hanukkah starts in two days and Christmas is in ten. That’s crazy. I feel like I have so much to do, it doesn’t even feel like Christmas even though presents are essentially done and wrapped. I think it’s because I still haven’t taken any finals, listened to Christmas music, decorated, or anything Christmasy other than wrap presents.

I have two finals on Thursday and my final project that I’ve already started and made good progress with. My goal is to have my room cleaned, laundry done, packing started and my literature project done by tomorrow night at 11. We’ll see what happens. My room is currently out of control because I’ve been working on Christmas presents and taking clothes out of the closet that I’ll need for being at home for a month.

I think I actually have visitors coming tomorrow. Not sure, but that would be a good little break from the stress of everything I have to do. I’m not really sure what I’ll do with them considering it’s 23 hour quiet hours which means that it’s supposed to be really quiet in the dorms so I can’t really bring them to my messy room anyway. It’s kind a far drive for them so I feel bad that I don’t know how to entertain them yet but it’s nice that I’ll see them since they are all already done with their semesters.

How did your finals go? Or are you studying a lot? I’m sorry this is kind of a throwaway post. This is the first day all year that I didn’t get on WordPress all day until I went to post this, or at least it feels like that. So I just feel like I had nothing to say, sorry!


End of Semester Stress

Okay the semester for me is three more weeks, it seems like for everyone else it’s two. I laid out my plan for the next three weeks and there’s a lot I have to do. I thought I had more but for some reason I can’t read my schedule and I think that everything due way sooner than it actually is. I think it is my brain telling me not to procrastinate.

I just got back from Thanksgiving break and I got a good amount of stuff done, I still have a lot to do though. I have to write an article based on data taken last week and a “blog post” based on two very short poems. The blog post has to be longer than the poems which is just very difficult for me to do.

I am dealing with my stress by making lists and rewarding myself with simple things like chocolate and walks to the water fountain. My roommate doesn’t get back until tomorrow so I don’t have to feel bad about having the light on late and typing up a storm tonight. The stream of coffee and other caffeinated drinks for me is slow. Caffeine is a stimulant so when I’m already stressed it really doesn’t help my anxiety at all. I am trying to stick to a cup a day but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up breaking that during the next few weeks. I am very tired and it’s 9:40. I have a long way to go tonight.

I wish everyone luck with their studies and papers and everything professors are throwing at you the last few weeks of the semester. Reward or stress tips anyone? Ironically when I’m less stressed I’ll be making a list of tips so if you comment with some I’ll link you in the post.


Update of My Life!

Dinner tonight was terrible so once I finish this blog post I decided that I’m going to Sheetz for some chicken but I have to get through this first and this sentence would usually help me get an idea or two but it’s not working. Ten minutes later this sentence hasn’t worked either so I’m just going to update.

I am almost half way done my second year of college, which is great. I have study abroad applications to do, okay one, but still I have to do it. Which shouldn’t take me long with the exception that I have to find a professor to ask to write me a recommendation letter.

Thanksgiving is this week and I’m so excited because it is my favorite holiday of the whole year. I can’t wait to finally see my family again, I haven’t seen my cousins since the late July or early August. Break is going to busy though with trying to see everyone and working. I am going Black Friday shopping with my mom which will lack things for myself and hopefully I will accomplish the purchasing of presents that I am unable to make. I think I’ll be more busy in the next week than I’ve been in the past two weeks of school.

I have a hopefully cool project coming in December which will provide more motivation and less effort, which is probably really bad but good. If I fail at it I might get really upset because it’s such a good idea but with my follow through and my ideas are always a good idea hypothetically and the end result is really bad. I don’t know we shall see.

Finally, I’m picking up Lindsay from the airport on Tuesday and I’m so excited!

That’s all I have for this update, where is everyone going for Thanksgiving?


Inspired but Not Motivated

Recently I’ve been very inspired. I want to create beautiful, wonderful, and amazing things. I just don’t know how.  I have a lot of ideas but I just don’t know how practical they are. My anxiety is getting bad again and I think this is part of the problem. I would like to point out that since I’ve been hanging out with people who go out of their way to include me and make a point of making me feel like a friendship isn’t all one sided, my anxiety has gotten a lot better.

Anyway I think my anxiety is kind of bad because I want to be great and I don’t know how. Funny thing about me is that I’m actually pretty conceited and I just want to be the best of what I can be and currently I know I’m not there. I’m not there in a lot of aspects. I know I’m eating badly, not enough, but grossly. I know that my blog could be better but I don’t know what to do to get it to the next step. I’ve been editing a video from DC for weeks now but I hate how poorly I took the footage, it’s all crooked and shaky.

I don’t know why I can’t make anything like I see it in my head, I mean I know a lot of those things would require professional cameras and lots of money and an endless amount of time, but otherwise why can’t I take these visions and put them into action. I don’t know. It’s really bothering me. While I did make some great friends for some reason I have a type of fear of repercussions of things I want to do. Like I feel like I can’t just ask one of them to go on an adventure so I can film it or take a bunch of pictures for a blog post, I don’t know why I guess I’m still adjusting to these new people and I’m afraid of ruining a new friendship. This concept is very odd to me because I’m not usually intimidated by what people think of me, maybe it’s because I genuinely like these people and I’m nervous that I could be too weird and scare them off. I know I shouldn’t care what people think of me and it’s very out of character for me, I think I’m just still getting used to who I am here at college and even though I’m a sophomore I’m still adjusting. I do indeed have to say that I am in a much better place this  year rather than where I was last year at this time but overall as well.

I guess this lack of motivation has kind of turned into an update so why don’t you just let me know what’s going on with you in the comments because I feel like I’m one of the few that just writes updates.