The Holiday Season

Wow, it is November.  This can only mean one thing: the holiday season.

First this starts with Thanksgiving. What joyous day. Just kidding, one of my least favorite holidays.  Thanksgiving has always consisted of my mother trying to figure out how to get to every house that invites us for the same meal at every place, and me being forced to eat turkey at least twice.  This year fortunately we will only be attending, only after I work all day.  It is sure to be an excellent day.

Black Friday- now that’s my kind of holiday.  An early morning of shopping with my mom and grandfather. I love it. Deals and buying stuff for people- it just makes me happy.

December- as a Catholic basically the whole month of December is a holiday because we spend every week counting down to Christmas and it is amazing. I love advent.

Christmas- it is the best. I don’t like getting presents, actually it makes me feel really uncomfortable, I love giving them though.  I have already started making presents for my friends and coming up with ideas for everyone else. I seriously just love giving people stuff. 

Anyway thought I would just talk about this soon to be popular topic because I am a hipster. Just kidding, I am not a hipster.

Thanks for reading.




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