How to Survive High School: Freshman Year

So I decided I don’t like weird Wednesdays so I’m not going to do that, instead I’m going do series posts on Wednesdays. For example, the series I am starting this week is how to survive high school, so for the next three Wednesdays, I will continue with this series, if that makes sense.

Here is a guide to survive high school- a four part series. I’m writing this guide for any slightly abnormal person who doesn’t exactly follow the latest trend. The person who would rather stay in or go to the movies on a Friday night than go to a party. This guide is being written for those of you who have the slightest difference in their personalities, or the smallest abnormalities that make them stand out in the crowd, those of you who are different. The people who fear the first day of school, not because of the new classes or teachers, but because you aren’t sure if you’ll have someone to sit with at lunch. This is a how to guide for any person that doesn’t want to fit the mold of what exactly a high school student should be. Feel free to comment with questions or email me at

Let’s start where every high school begins, freshman year. Freshman year brings with it a lot of new things and changes. First of all, no matter what you do or who you are, somebody will ridicule you for being a freshman, you are the bottom of the high school food chain and that makes you an easy target for any pissed off senior. Be prepared for comments such as “stupid freshman” or “it wasn’t this bad last year, blame the freshman” and don’t be offended because next year you will be saying the same things, it’s just another part of high school.

Another big part of freshman year is that a lot of people change and people that you’ve been friends with since elementary or primary school may not necessarily be your friends throughout high school because people change and their values and morals become different when they meet new people who have different morals and values. Your values and morals may change too this can be either good or bad, but just remember to be happy with yourself and who you are becoming and who you’re surrounding yourself with.

The opposite sex (or same sex) no longer has cooties, and more people begin to have more serious relationships, however you are still young and if you aren’t ready for a relationship, even if all of your friends are in them, you don’t need to be in one too. Do what is best for you.  

When you first start school the building is new and you may not know where you’re classes are, especially if your school is big. Mine was not and it was pretty easy to navigate, but I once made the mistake of asking a student where one of my classes was, never do that, they told me the opposite direction. Always ask a teacher if you need to help because they have to tell you how to go. 

My final piece of advice for freshman year is join clubs or sports because you can make a lot of friends that way. I joined a lot of clubs and I still have friends in high school to go out to catch up with when I’m home on breaks or home for the weekend, and it’s a great way to meet more people from all different grades.

So I hope you like this series so far, next week will be sophomore year advice.




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