Dreaming of the Future

Blah I know it’s Monday and I told you guys that I would blog about my schedule but I don’t want to so it’s not happening. Today I wanted to blog about my decision to not transfer (as of now I will stay at the college I am already attending for four years). Well that was a quick post.

Just kidding! I just wanted to let you guys know about that, but I also wanted to just share for you my dream for the future  or what I want I guess. I feel like this post is also going to be super rambley and not focused at all, but if you’ve learned anything from me by the past (nearly) hundred posts (yes it’s been established I don’t have a life), that’s how my mind is and I can’t help it. Well, anyway *dun dun dun duhhh* (let’s pretend that sounded like Beethoven’s Nineth Syphony, okay?), THE FUTURE!

I may not know where this is yet, but as soon as I'm there I'll know.
I may not know where this is yet, but as soon as I’m there I’ll know.

Okay so I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed this with you guys or not, but my dream is to help people, blog, and live with my friends. Now my mom and dad are probably reading this thinking “Why is she going to such an expensive school then? She needs to make money when she graduates to make it worth it.” Well mom and dad, I don’t know what to tell you because I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m constantly battling what majors and minors I want to have, because I’m so indecisive there will be no way I’m only going to have one. Anyway, I’m super lost at college and for any of you in college I hope that I’m not the only that feels that way.

So anywho I’m definitely not going on any sort of track today, this is far more scatterbrained that any of my other posts in a long time I feel like, sorry everyone. Anyway basically I’m writing this post saying I have no idea what I’m doing with my life, and even though that’s scary, I can’t wait to find out where I’m going to go. My friends and I talk about it a lot, we really want to move in together after we graduate and everything, which could mean for me living anywhere in the country. Katie wants to live in California, which I wouldn’t mind at all, and Lindsay believes she’s going to end up in Boston, another place I wouldn’t mind, except winter. However, I do plan on graduating a semester early, which would be before both of them, and then I’m not exactly sure what I would do, maybe go to India or something. Right now I just kind of want to see what I can find to like “work from home” and the world could be my home. I wouldn’t have to be a permanent resident of anywhere and I like the idea of that.  I wish I was really really good at something so I would just know, I feel like that’s how it works for a lot of people, however I am mediocre at many things which doesn’t really help.

What I’m trying to say is I’m figuring it all out and that I think that it’s probably okay. Now just because I said it’ll work out, doesn’t mean I won’t have to try, I mean obviously I have to search for jobs that are strictly from home and that I can travel with, and how things like taxes would work for a job like that. I also have other things to do before all of that but it’s something that’s been on my mind a lot recently, and even the idea of taking more aptitude test, which are hard to find, has been on my mind. I don’t really know what I’m doing so this is really just all an adventure. I really hope I stumble upon some opportunities or situations where one thing leads to another, but if that doesn’t happen I’m confident I’m going to figure it out. I promise that I’m going to make something out of my life, doing good, and doing something I like.

Okay so that’s that I guess, a very odd, rambley post for this Monday night.  Also I still need to re-find my calendar and if I don’t have trivia again by tomorrow I’ll do something crazy (I don’t know what, but I will). Okay so thanks again for reading pals!





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