Girl Power Tag!

I was recently honored to be tagged in the Girl Power Tag by Jona, a beautiful blogger who writes about basic college stuff from fitness and health to funny emails (okay they aren’t meant to be funny) her college sends her to even reviews on beauty products. Jona also takes really good pictures that she puts with her posts, and that just adds to them.  She is a true inspiration to bloggers. Here is her post that will also connect you to her blog, which I highly suggest to everyone

Anyway it was an ironic kind of funny when she tagged me in this because as soon as I read that I was tagged in this (via email, before reading her post) I read my copy of Seventeen Magazine which is what the tag is based off of. So with that random bit of randomness, without further ado I present the Girl Power Tag.

What does girl power mean to you?

To me girl power is being self-confident and not worrying about what people think about you, especially men. It’s empowering when you can be 100% yourself without the constant fear of judgement, and that’s girl power. Be yourself in a situation where it’s hard or you want to conform to someone else’s opinion of you.

What the best advice you can give to girls who want to be powerful?

Be yourself. Don’t try and be Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Tina Fey, the Queen of England, or your mom, be who you are and who you want to be. Just because society loves those people and they’re awesome doesn’t mean that they’ll love you or think you’re awesome when you try and be someone you aren’t. These women became powerful by being themselves and embracing who they were and their own talents.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and how would you use it?

I would without a doubt read people’s minds. I would want to know who really likes me and who wishes I wouldn’t hang around. I hate wasting my time with people who don’t care since I did that most of high school. I want to know what people are really thinking so I know who really cares and who really doesn’t. Plus this would be an advantage when it comes to jobs, tests, and all those things, you would know what the evaluator really wants to hear. I know that kind of contradicts my earlier point, but be yourself once you get the job or you get a perfect test be yourself in a better position. 

What makes you feel powerful?

The one thing that makes me feel really powerful is expressing my opinion and people listening to it and respecting it. I have really strong feelings about certain things sometime (I know super specific) and sharing those and having people listen just makes me feel powerful. Jona also included that the original question was what beauty product makes you feel powerful and to answer that one really quickly I would have to say concealer  because it hides my blemishes and helps me feel more confident which definitely leads to feeling powerful.

Why is it important to have powerful girls as role models?

It’s important to have powerful girls as role models because they give you someone to look up to and aspire to be like. Someone who is powerful and is doing amazing things with their lives are great people to look up to and be inspired by. Powerful women influence our lives because they give us important things to think about and aspire to be. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the influence of powerful women.

What other young women do you think are powerful and why?

The first two women I am going to mention some of you may not know, but if you know anything about the British YouTube Crew you probably know them. They are Louise and Zoe from Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella. Not only are they YouTubers but they are also bloggers. Louise is a mom, but she is still super inspiring. She posts on Instagram nearly everyday about her working out for her New Years Resolution and if that’s not inspiring enough she makes videos on how to be body confident and various other subject matter like that. She was actually my inspiration to start blogging for real rather than half ass it.  Zoe is also a huge inspiration because she does talks with Louise where they give advice on topics like college, weight, and other various serious things. I also think that she helps people like myself with anxiety. She is an example of how much you can do when it’s hard to get out of bed.

So for those of you who don’t know them, I would have to say that Miley Cyrus is definitely a powerful woman. She is destroying her previous reputation and even though she’s gone a little crazy she’s still making an impact. She’s being herself and anyone can see that. She is no longer Hannah Montana and she is finally showing the world who she really is.

So that’s it for the tag, I hope you guys liked it. Since I was actually tagged in something for once instead of just doing it, I decided that I should tag some people too! So here it goes, you guys should also check out the blogs! These ladies are super cool and nice and awesome! I hope they enjoy and maybe actually do this, so hint hint ladies, I would like you to do this!


Leaves of Logan

Musings Of Lindsay

Also I think I’m done trivia, unless there are any major protests, it was a failed experiment in my opinion.




3 responses to “Girl Power Tag!”

  1. You are so sweet! I just want to print out your first paragraph and put it in a frame! :) I loved reading your responses, I agree with so many of them!
    p.s. Zoe and Louise are my favorites!

    1. Thanks! They’re the best aren’t they?

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