Liebster Award

So this is the post I was really excited about, Alyssa, who writes From Campus with Love, nominated me for this, what a sweetie! Thank you! Okay so the rules and stuff I’m just copying and pasting from her post which you can find here. The Award The Liebster Award is an award given to new … More Liebster Award

Girl Power Tag!

I was recently honored to be tagged in the Girl Power Tag by Jona, a beautiful blogger who writes about basic college stuff from fitness and health to funny emails (okay they aren’t meant to be funny) her college sends her to even reviews on beauty products. Jona also takes really good pictures that she … More Girl Power Tag!

The Christmas Tag

The Questions:1.Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie? I would probably have to say the Santa Claus trilogy, they are so funny and I love Tim Allen. But I also really love all of the cheesy ABC  Family movies. 2. Whats Your Favorite Christmas Color? Red. 3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress … More The Christmas Tag