Ten Years

So since I stopped my series for February and a new one will be picking up in March, I didn’t really plan anything for today, so I opened my book of ideas and saw “letter to myself”. Now, I’m not exactly sure where I got this idea from, if I saw it somewhere, read it somewhere, or thought it up myself. Anyway, so I think I’m going to do past and future and I can give my past ones to my kids if I have them when they turn that respective age. I think that’s kind of cool, well at least I think so.

Ten years ago:

Dear 9 year-old Mary,

Enjoy the third grade. I know it’s scary having a teacher with cancer, but get used to it. Cancer is everywhere. Fact of life. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t fight with your friends so much, enjoy their presence. Take lots of pictures.  Be nice to your little sisters, I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ll miss them when you’re away at college.  Take lots of pictures. Don’t buy stupid little books at the book fair, buy real books that are actually going to enrich your mind. Ask as many questions as you want, you’re still little and people will still answer them. Take lots of pictures.  Try to see good in everyone, you’ll hate people more than enough when you’re older. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, maybe do a sport or something. Never, ever, ever, fight with your Hannah, she’s still around a decade later, she’s a keeper. Stop threatening to run away, when you’re my age running away is running home. Eat your food, being grounded for crying about beans is silly and then you just end up mad at yourself. Don’t stress about standardized testing, it’s not important. Don’t stress, you’re too young. Tell mom everything, she knows what to do. Take lots of pictures. Don’t stay up late at night reading by the hall light, you need your sleep, and even though you don’t think it is, it really hurts your eyes. Read any book you want, it doesn’t matter if your teacher thinks it’s above or below your grade level, read what you want, it’s all about you, no one else. Watch movies with your friends. It’s okay to break some rules, like bedtimes at sleepovers, and eat an extra cookie for dessert, it will taste sweeter and then you’ll feel bad and confess. Mom and dad won’t be too mad, just when you’re cranky. Take lots of pictures. Don’t ask for makeup and cell phones for Christmas, don’t try and grow up so fast. Hang out with kids instead of grow up all the time, I know it’s hard to fit in with the kids but you need to have fun. Take lots of pictures.  Remember your manners no matter what. Don’t be so afraid to talk to new people. Don’t be afraid of who you really are. Stay innocent and happy as long as you can. Take lots of pictures. Take every opportunity you’re given, they don’t always come around a second time. Remember that even when you fight with Mom and Dad, Sarah and Julia, that they’re your family and they’re the only ones you can always count on. And Hannah. Don’t get to upset when bad things happen, they always get better. Stay happy. Stay happy. Stay happy. You don’t have to listen to me though, you turn out fine either way. Take risks. Make as many memories as you can. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t grow up so fast. Don’t grow up so fast. Don’t be afraid to say I love you to people you really love (i.e family and friends, not boys you’re only 9 for goodness sakes!).  Trust me, everything will turn out great. You’re great and don’t let anyone tell you different. Also, stop spending so much in time in guidance for goodness sakes! You’re fine, fights will end, resolve it yourself! You’re also really pretty, don’t let any boy ever tell you different. Finally, bullies are always there, start ignoring them now, the snarkier your replies the better.

Good luck,


Okay so that’s a little weird but if I have a daughter or something maybe that can help them.  Now a letter to my future self.

Dear 29 year-old Mary,

And we’re old now. Writing this at 19 it’s weird to think that in ten years I’ll be almost 30. Anyway, if you are even in Lancaster County right now, leave. Well unless you’re visiting mom and dad, but if you even live there you HAVE to move. I made a promise to myself to never live there, and you better be keeping it. I hope you’re reading this somewhere exciting, otherwise I hope you are very disappointed about where you are in life. Don’t forget to text Hannah, okay? You miss her even when you aren’t thinking about it, just call her or something. She probably ended up somewhere really cool, go visit. I hope Lindsay has five kids right now, oh my word please if she does make sure you tell her a thousand time that I said that it would happen. If 5sos broke up I hope you were there for Katie through that emotional breakdown. If she has kids already they better be calling Lindsay Voldemort, if they aren’t you failed at your job. If you’re married it better not be someone you were already with, and we both know who I’m talking about. I also hope that you are happy, I mean I don’t think that either of us(?) would make the mistake of marrying someone who doesn’t make us(?) over the moon happy. I know for a fact that I’m way too careful to marry someone without being one hundred percent certain of doing so.  I also wish any husband or man that might be around oodles and oodles of luck because I know for a fact that I’m very difficult and I’m sure that wont’ be changing anytime soon so if I found someone to deal with all of that, man oh jeez, good luck.  If you have kids, pray for them every night. I mean like the obvious things that they stay healthy and all that stuff, but pray that they stay sane living with you. I hope you’re taking lots of pictures, you’ll really want them one day. I really wonder what you’re doing, if time travel is possible at this point please somehow communicate with me on what I’m supposed to do so I stop freaking out now. Also, I hope you have this whole anxiety thing under control by now if not, I’m sure you’re really sick of it at this point. My biggest question is where are you in comparison to your friends. Don’t let it be like college, having Google Hangouts and texting all the time, waiting until we can all be together again, just go be with them, it’s too hard being away all the time. One last thing, I really hope you’re still writing on this. I can’t even imagine how many posts there will be on here in TEN YEARS TIME. Like holy cow, I can’t even imagine. What else can I even say, I don’t know. I hope you’re doing better than I’m doing now, because I can’t imagine it being any worse.

Mary Age 19

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my letters to my past/future self, the tenses were a little weird to write in. I’m going to challenge you guys to do this in the comments or on your own blogs, if you do it on your own blog comment the link in the comments so I can check them out!



2 responses to “Ten Years”

  1. I love this! It was so entertaining to read, the 9-year old one was very poetic. I think I will probably being doing it soon. Don’t you worry, I will link you back! ;)

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