Books Lie

Whoops it’s 11:50 and I’ve been meaning to write all night I just haven’t gotten to it, oh well. Anyway, I decided that I’m just going to do a list of things I learned from books because I’m convinced that I’ve learned more from the thousands of books then I ever have from school. However, books also seem to repeat the same ideas that never really happen in real life, so I’m just going to put 15 of those I found repeated throughout lots of books, eventually I’ll do a real list of things that are actually important, but I’m not in a serious mood right now, so that’s not happening.

  1. If your best friend has a cute older brother you will fall in love and  your best friend will fall in love with your other best friend who happens to be a guy.
  2. You can only really have two or three friends.
  3. Most of the time you’re going to end up happy and in love, no matter what kind of life you lead.
  4. The future will have flying cars and robots that do everything for you.
  5. Families only have two children, one boy and one girl who do everything together and fall in love with each other’s best friends. Typically only a year or two apart.
  6. You’re most likely 16 almost 17 and feel like you’re missing some sort of major milestone in your life.
  7. You probably live by the beach.
  8. You’re best friend might end up being you’re biggest enemy.
  9. If you don’t live at the beach you either live in a fictional world or a major city such as New York, or the best of all worlds, LA.
  10. You’re life probably ends up like your favorite book/movie.
  11. You live like me, but you still end up falling in love. (I would really like to know how this works)
  12. You have copious amounts of money and you either don’t work or if you do it’s at some sort of coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique, no chains. Ever.
  13. Even if you claim to live in the middle of nowhere you still have anything you would ever want to do.
  14. Only one bad things happens, but it ends up being a blessing in disguise.
  15. You never get sick, but if you do a cute boy takes care of you.

So here are just a few of the things that happen in books but never in real life. If any of these things ever actually happened to you please let me know because I’m super curious. Thanks for reading!




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