Childhood Memories: A Post with Friends

I am currently sitting in Alex’s house with Margaret and Katie as well, I have known them for an awfully long time. Katie and Margaret were both in my kindergarten class and I’ve known Alex since first grade. Since I’m here I thought maybe it would be fun to reminisce on our childhood memories.

In the sixth grade they would all make fun of my pointy nostrils.

Alex got mad at me once because she was fighting with this other girl and for whatever reason I thought I was in the middle and Alex called her a bitch and I told the teacher, Alex was not happy.

In sixth grade Katie got mad at Alex for drawing a perfect circle and it was the only good art thing Alex did, according to her.

Again in the sixth grade the whole class was order in the hallway because one kid freaked out so the teacher did too.

In the fourth grade Alex wrote poop on a quilt going to a charity because at the time she didn’t think it was a bad idea, so after she found out she blamed it on someone else.

Alex and I fought once because I decided she was mad at me and she wasn’t.

Alex would come over for sleepovers and we would write lists of things we wanted to talk about on my porch swing, one topic was always whoever we had a crush on that week, and the other topic that was consistent was the drama between Katie, Margaret and two of the other girls in our class.

We would always draw each other little note cards and they would completely cover our desks in sixth grade. Then, when we switched classes to practice for middle school someone drew saggy boobs on all of them. That person is such a weenie.

Katie bought me a Barbie that baked for my sixth birthday.

That’s all that we can think of right now, however maybe there will me more to come another time.




2 responses to “Childhood Memories: A Post with Friends”

  1. You can’t mention us making fun of your nostrils without mentioning their proper name of Mount Milligan!

    1. I can’t believe I forgot to write that!

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