Their Purpose in Your Life

Well first and foremost, hello! I feel like it’s been a while, but it’s only been two days. I am without wifi in the evening hours, which has it perks, like I’m really into my fictional writing right now, but also it’s disadvantages like trying to reply to comments (can’t do that) and even posting, which is why Lindsay wrote about me on Sunday. I honestly thought she was going to write something very insightful, so imagine my surprise when I popped onto my phone to try and read it really quickly and it was about me. I cried. Then yesterday has been planned for a while actually, I’ve been emailing with the blogger behind Getting Through Anxiety,  not only working together on that lengthy article, but helping each other with anxiety. So I didn’t want to double post, so for me, it feels like I haven’t been around in a while.

Currently I’m at my internship, thank goodness WordPress isn’t blocked or I would be spending my evening in various coffee shops around town trying to find the best wifi to use. Rambling ends now. Kind of. Now it’s relevant.

I’ve always believed that God has people enter your life to teach you something and that the specific lesson they teach you has the potential to change your whole life. Yes you have choices when it comes to people, what they are in your mind and heart, but you don’t really chose who comes in the first place. Sure there are people that you might see on the bus and all you can think about is how cute they are, but you don’t say anything. Now if you would’ve said something, that person would’ve had the potential to play another role in your life. So it comes down to our choices, but I do think that God influences us to make them. You’re going to change a person’s life whether you know it or not. I think you should think about whether you’re being a positive or negative light in someone’s life because that can change the person they’re going to be too.

If three years ago my mom would’ve gotten the mail instead of me that day I wouldn’t have gotten the letter inviting me to Europe, I wouldn’t have met my best friends or realized some of the people that I previously surrounded myself with weren’t good for me and I deserved better. I think there was a reason God sent me to the mailbox that day instead of my mom.

If last year I wouldn’t have stayed after Youth Group to get something out of the gym I would’ve saved myself a lot of hurt, but again, who knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t allow myself to get hurt, if I didn’t allow myself to feel something different, however, maybe I would be able to trust again.

If I didn’t pick the college I went to who knows, I might not be single right at this moment. I might be totally naive though of what kind of person he is.

Everything happens for a reason which is hard to get sometimes because when everything hurts, you don’t want it to be for a reason. When one door closes a window opens, you might have to search for the window but it’s there.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments or comment with something that you think happened for a reason!




2 responses to “Their Purpose in Your Life”

  1. I totally agree with you that there are people that come into your life for a reason and that things happen for a reason. First I think that my parents came into my life for a reason (and more than because they were the ones that gave me life). While not always both understanding, I think that they are the most understanding parents I could have sometimes. Also, I’ve had friends that while I may not still stay in contact with some of them, they were more than wonderful at the time. I’ve also learned from the “friends” that I thought were there from me. I’ve learned from being around those friends that I didn’t want to be like that.

    I also think that my current friends came into my life for a reason. One of my friends suffers sometimes from anxiety too and she knows what it’s like to go through it. I believe that God made it possible for me to meet her and for her to be there for me and the other way around. I also think that the friends I met in my earlier years of college were there for a reason. Before I had them, I may not have experienced everything that I did. In addition, not to be sappy, but I believe I got to talk to you for a reason. I got to write that amazing article with you and I know that I can talk to you because you understand what I go through. I think that it is my job to help you as well because I know how hard it can be.

    In addition, I think that God puts us into the families that He does for a reason. Whether our family members can be easy to get along with or difficult, we learn from that. We learn that some people are helpful and some aren’t. We learn that some people will be there for us and some don’t know how to be.

    1. Right! When it comes down to it everyone you meet teaches you a lesson!

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