15 Minutes of Fame

I’m annoyed and I’ve had several posts thought out and semi planned for today and now I’m feeling anxious and annoyed, then more annoyed because I feel anxious, it’s a vicious cycle and I’m just kind of done at the moment for reasons I’d just rather not get into at this particular moment so I’m just going to do something stupid and this is going to be a disregard post basically. So unless you really love me, you don’t have to read this.

This is a post I’ve tried to write several times and it never quite went the way I wanted it to so I never posted it, so I’m writing it when I’m pissed off, annoyed, and just in a generally bad mood and maybe then it will go the way I want it to this time.

It used to be everyone wanted their 15 minutes of fame and it basically lasted for 15 minutes, which means a very short time, well people still want their 15 minutes of fame, it just end up lasting a lot longer than the initial 15 minutes they expected. Everyone has their means, modeling, photography, writing, acting, stupid videos, funny tweets, basically anything can get you famous today, yet when that happens instead of having a town looking to you like it used to be you have what could be millions of people.

People find this short fame town anywhere they can, the desire the acceptance of others, especially their peers, even when they’re strangers. People just want the gratification of being “famous” the perks of what comes with it, the benefits, yet no one seems to think what happens once they’re there. I think a lot of people are willing to do just about anything for “fame” which puts them in a place where they aren’t quite realizing what they’re doing.

With the internet anything you put out there is there forever, even if you delete it, it’s still going to be there. If you post nudes (which people do) to get famous, your future employer will see you naked, guess what, you aren’t going to get the job. Is the fifteen minutes of fame really worth it? Is it really worth your integrity to go to extremes just to have that short time in the lime light? I doubt it, but to each their own I guess.

Then once you’re in this place of fame, how ready are you? Like people who make Vines have 6 million followers and I’m sure they’re getting mobbed when they go out sometimes, they have to stop and take selfies and sign autographs, probably not what they were expecting with a six second video. Would you want that when you’re striving for fame? Sorry no, I want to go to Target in peace.

So this still didn’t go the way I wanted it to, eventually I’ll fix it. Leave me your thoughts about the fifteen minutes of fames in the comments, I’d love to see different opinions!




One response to “15 Minutes of Fame”

  1. I agree that it seems people are always doing stupid things to be famous only to regret them later in life (or sooner than they expected). I can never understand, for example, why people would want to pose nude or do anything that would ruin their sense of pride. I’m not trying to judge and I understand that some people may look as showing their bodies to the public as showing their pride and self-confidence, but I think in some ways it’s quite the opposite. It is one thing not to hide your body and it is another completely to pose nude and show people you don’t even know things that only someone you are in love with should see. Also, I don’t understand why people make the mistake of putting things on their Facebook pages, etc. that could ruin their future or even their present life; it just doesn’t make sense to me. Good post, Mary.

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