College Tips: Hygiene

Well by the title you might have guessed that I’m starting a new series, yay! With all of my vast college experience (just kidding I’ve only been here for a year and a week) I thought I would be the perfect person to just give out college tips. Another joke, I’m just on a roll tonight. Sad truth, I thought up these jokes while I was shaving today. Cool story Mary.

Anyway, perfect start is hygiene because I think once some people move out of college they forget that being hygienic is actually important. Once someone’s mom isn’t telling them what to do all the time they forget that showering and deodorant are necessary. So here are just some college hygiene tips.

  1. Shower. They’re gross but still shower everyday. You don’t have to wash you hair everyday, and you shouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean you don’t shower everyday, still shower. Also just slap on some deodorant in the morning too, it won’t hurt anything either. Probably help some.
  2. You pee, you wash your hands, you poop, you wash your hands. If you go into a bathroom stall wash your hands. You don’t know who has peed and who has pooped on their hands and touched the same door handle as you and then their germs still get on your hands which is gross.
  3. Wear shower shoes if you share a shower with your entire floor, or half your floor, or anyone more than a few roommates and you know how well the shower is being washed, wear shower shoes. There is now visible mold in the corner of several of my showers and I’ve heard of people not wearing shower shoes and that’s just about the grossest things I have ever heard of.
  4. Do your laundry. Don’t let it sit around for weeks and weeks until Christmas break, unless you’re going home a week later than you would normally do it, don’t worry about it, but probably do it every week, or every other week tops. It will smell and then your room will smell and then that’s bad.
  5. Brush your teeth. Just because your mom doesn’t remind you it doesn’t mean that your breath doesn’t smell and your teeth don’t look gross.

Here’s the first little tip section! Leave your hygiene tips in the comments!




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