Being Strangers

I’ve shared my recent obsession with short films with you already and I watched this one today and I thought I would express my thoughts on the theme it brought up.

The film explores “the inevitable parts of a relationship” while I disagree that every relationship ends in two people being strangers, it did make me think about the comfortable stage of a relationship, and things start to go stale. I think that happens to a lot of people and it leads them to be strangers yet again, there is a point where the good comfortable becomes stale.

You might be thinking “Mary, you are the most single person on the face of planet earth, why are you trying to give me relationship advice?” well, I don’t know, maybe because I’ve run low on idea, maybe because I see it happen in my friends and even in strangers. Walking down the street, you see a couple holding hands, you assume they like each other, but look at their faces. Are they laughing with each other or absorbed in their phones? Are they smiling or they otherwise ignoring? Are they whispering and giggling like little kids or are they flatly talking about the weather? These little things are what keep a relationship going, well at least in my opinion.

It makes me sad seeing people fall into the stranger category, seeing people become too comfortable in the relationship where things lose expectations and the ideas of what love should be. You fall too comfortable and out of love, yes you can fall out of love, just as hard as you fell into it. If you want to keep someone by your side, why not keep it interesting? Sure the honeymoon stage will pass, and the comfortable stage will come, but that doesn’t mean you have to let things get too comfortable or old or boring.

Take chances, my new mantra.


So yeah, watch the film, it’s good, I wouldn’t let you know if it wasn’t.


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