This is supposed to be funny, take it as a joke please. In the year I’ve been blogging and the nine and a half months I’ve been blogging everyday there are certain things that I have found to be #bloggerproblems, things that most people wouldn’t relate to but I hope you guys do!

  1. A frozen computer and a draft not saved.
  2. Lack of ideas, but a committed schedule.
  3. Trying to say something that could be taken offensively but not wanting to offend anyone.
  4. Getting in the zone, writing four posts, and hating them all by the time it comes to post them.
  5. That awkward moment when someone wrote a really nice comment but you don’t know how to respond with more than just a “thank you :)”.
  6. Bringing your laptop with you everywhere just incase you have time to write a post.
  7. Trying to explain blogging friends to real life friends, yes these are people I know, I just don’t know what their voice sounds like.
  8. Debating on what’s more important at night, sleeping or blogging (blogging usually wins for me).
  9. Scheduling a post is a huge accomplishment and should be rewarded with lot of chocolate, but then when it’s your designated blogging time you don’t know what to do.
  10. Wishing you could have a real life conversation with half the people that comment on your posts.
  11. Running out of space in your media library and not wanting to pay for more.
  12. Trying to get a blog post done before you go out so you don’t have to worry about it.
  13. Everytime the site changes it’s like you have to readjust you whole life (still using the old posting method, refusing to change!).
  14. Telling a story to a friend and their response is “Yeah I read that on your blog already.”
  15. Running out of ideas in the middle of the night, going through your drafts, finishing lists started over a month ago.

Let me know your #bloggerproblems in the comments, or on twitter with the hashtag, and you can tag me @mrmilligan13 (sneaking in that self-promotion).


2 responses to “#BloggerProblems”

  1. Mary,
    I know what you mean with some of the blogging issues. I HATE when I spend tons of time on a post and it doesn’t save, when I want to talk to someone over the phone (like you) but at the same time feel unsafe doing so due to the fact that you don’t really know people you meet online. Then there’s the thing with considering some bloggers as friends, but again never have meeting them. Still I find the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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