Birthday Celebrations

First and foremost, I was crap at taking pictures of my birthday at home, I took zero. Good job Mary. Anyway, on Thursday some of my friends (not all are pictured, because again I was crap at taking pictures) and I went to IHOP for my birthday, because IHOP is my favorite restaurant. We had the BEST waitress, probably because Becca made friends with her. She was so sweet and accommodating which is just what we needed since we had to come at different times due to crazy schedules, I’m just glad a large portion of my friends could make it.

The candids were taken by my friend Zoe. A huge thanks to all of my friends for making me feel special on my birthday. If you’re wondering what I’m wearing, my floral pants are from H&M as well as my pink top (I got it over the summer so they may or may not still have it) and a hand me down jean button down that I tend to just throw over basically anything.

Shout out to IHOP because when you sign up for their membership thing you get free pancakes on your birthday, plus my school discount let me eat there for like four bucks. Always check places for a student discount- life tip.



One response to “Birthday Celebrations”

  1. I’m so glad you had a good birthday!

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