Three Wishes.

I like to think that I will be Aladin one day, no not a poor man, but rather have a lamp with a Genie inside. If I was granted three wishes what would I wish for? After giving this ZERO thought whatsoever, I’m making three selfish wishes because the chances of this happening are zero so I’m taking my wishes for myself, obviously if I was actually wish for things like world peace, but right now that’s not fun, just diplomatic so I’m skipping it.

  1. Unlimited travel funds, airfare, train tickets, souvenir spending money, food allowance, everything I need to travel endlessly without a problem. Also a really cool suitcase that no one else has so I can find it right away, and easy proof if someone steals it.
  2. A house in the city, not an apartment. I want a house with a yard in the middle of a city, it would be sooo cool! Obviously it’s something only obtainable via a genie.
  3. The ability to be a wizard/witch like Hermione, we share a birthday so I think it would be perfect. Basically I could do whatever I want once I’m a wizard and I could marry Neville or Harry or Ron or anyone basically. Well not Draco, he’s kind of a worm, a skeevy worm at that.

Let me know your selfish wishes in the comments please! Also I didn’t explain why this is a crappy post, it’s late and I have pictures to edit for the post I wanted to do, whoops.



3 responses to “Three Wishes.”

  1. Well, if I had to ask for three selfish wishes (though some of these aren’t totally selfish in a way), these are what they would be.

    1.) Have way less anxiety; go back to being able to do things without worrying about things happening to me, etc. I want to be able to enjoy doing things more again along with having confidence that I’ll be okay. I want to know I’ll be okay and actually be okay and safe.

    2.) Hang out with more people; get to know more people.

    3.) Become a really good writer and get stuff published.

    1. I think all of your wishes are very obtainable, might be hard, but eventually! :)

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