Why Everyone Deserves a “Jim”

If you aren’t familiar with me, you may not know that I love “The Office” and I have a particular crush on Jim. Why? First of all he’s handsome, secondly he’s funny, thirdly he did everything he could to win the woman he loved. In my opinion every woman should be waiting for their “Jim”.

  1. Thoughtfulness is key in every relationship and Jim got that.  While Pam was still with Roy, Jim proved how much better he was by giving her a fully loaded iPod with songs she loved. A kind and caring gesture from a friend.
  2. If you’re having a bad day he can cheer you up by telling you the pranks that day. For example, any prank Jim played on Dwight, I am still partial to the stapler in Jello.
  3. Patience is a virtue that should be in any relationship/friendship/family or anything. Jim waited years for Pam, he knew all along that she was the one and he waited for her. Although their timing took a while to work out, it took time but it worked out great for them.
  4. You should be supportive of a partner. Jim supported Pam through art school, failing, and even though it didn’t work out for her. That’s what caused him to propose because the distance couldn’t separate them. IN THE RAIN NOLESS! PERFECT!
  5. Tolerance is something that is good to have. Jim displays this everyday for the first seven season whenever Michael has a problem he typically does a good job of dealing with it.
  6. Ironic creativity is very attractive. A piece of paper for halloween, what could be better?
  7. Plan B’s are always important incase something goes wrong. I’m just saying the plan b wedding plan could’ve been plan a, there is nothing more romantic than getting married on the Maid of the Mist. Except for maybe proposing in the rain.
  8. Always caring. Jim cares for Pam even before they’re dating. He takes care of her when she’s drunk, doesn’t hold it over her that she kisses him, he is there for her when her relationship with Roy ends. There is always something about her that he cares about no matter what the relationship and that is very important. He’s always a shoulder to cry or sleep on.
  9. As much as you tease someone you still care about them as a person. When Jim finds out about Dwight’s beet farm he takes Pam there on their first night away to be a supportive friend. No matter how dysfunctional their friendship is he still leave him a great review and shows he cares.
  10. Life is too short not to take risks. Jim risks a friendship to tell Pam he likes her and even though it doesn’t work out right away eventually it does and it’s all worth it.





4 responses to “Why Everyone Deserves a “Jim””

  1. The Jims of the world make it so much better. I have a Jim in my math class this semester and he is the sole reason that I don’t skip it.

    1. That is so cute! Oh my gosh!! I read this and literally said “Awwwww”

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