Don’t Forget.

Don’t forget that someone cares. Don’t forget to call your mom. Don’t forget to do you laundry. Don’t forget to eat your veggies. Don’t forget to smile in pictures, enough of that smizing!

Don’t forget your friends are there. Don’t forget to water your plants. Don’t forget to be on time. Don’t forget to have a firm hand. Don’t forget to take in the moments and memories of everyday.

Don’t forget that you’re growing up. Don’t forget to wash your face after a long day. Don’t forget to take your vitamins. Don’t forget to take deep breaths. Don’t forget to remind people you care.

Don’t forget that you have a voice. Don’t forget to hold your head up high. Don’t forget that you matter. Don’t forget to question things you want to question. Don’t forget to take each moment as it is and not as what you wish it could be.

Don’t forget that you are special. Don’t forget to go to the dentist. Don’t forget to wish on shooting starts. Don’t forget to let things go. Don’t forget that all bad days lead to something good eventually.



One response to “Don’t Forget.”

  1. Mary,
    I think this is a very good post. So many of the things you mention are important to remember and I think for whatever reason, we tend to forget. For example, I think it’s hard when we’re going through something and no one seems to understand to remember that there are people who care. I also think that while it’s sad, sometimes we forget how important we are and how special. I think something I struggle with is letting stuff go; sometimes when I get upset, I hold on to it for a while and while I don’t think dismissing everything right away is healthy either, either is being upset for too long.

    I think it’s also important to keep in mind all the positive things we’ve ever heard about ourselves. I know that I have had family members, friends, and teachers say very positive things about me and I think we all have to remember those times especially when we feel down. Great post! By the way, so you know, I care about you.

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