A Year in Blog Posts…

Yesterday I posted my 365th blog post, with one post on private, this is the 365th post you are able to read. There are 365 days in a  year, 365 days of my life are recorded on this little section of the web. There’s a lot that’s happened in a year and I think a lot of it has unfolded in my blog.

My whole blog started with packing and saying goodbye to people at home before I left for college. When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing, I never ran spell check, sometimes I wouldn’t finish sentences, it was a mess. I still don’t really run spell check, I just make sure I get rid of the little lines under words when they show up, I never proof read, but that’s okay.

This is the first place I ever shared any type of discontent here at school but it’s also one of the first places I came to when I was happy about the new friends I made this  year. When my anxiety started getting bad I found a place to get it all out rather than keeping it all inside.

When I think about what I’ve been doing for a year it’s weird that I’ve put everything about my life here for a year. Since my blog was going to stay my little secret I didn’t stop at anything, I thought that only strangers would ever read it, why not put all of my thoughts here? They don’t know me they can read or they don’t have to. Since deciding to make my blog public to my family and friends I haven’t stopped doing this. My blog and this year of posts has made me realize that I shouldn’t be afraid what people think of my thoughts and opinions because this is who I am and these 365 posts show that. These posts are who I am and who I want to be and I think that if someone can’t accept that why should I allow them in my life? I shouldn’t. If someone doesn’t support this they aren’t the people I want around in my life.

After countless themes and changes my blog has become a place not only for my travels, but my thoughts, ideas, rants (lots of those), lists of information, documentation of fun times, paragraphs of not so good days, and a whole lot of me. 365 days, a whole year of posts. How to be alone on Valentine’s Day, body confidence, a day out and about with weather below zero, lots of quarter-life crises, sunburn and allergies, homesickness, fat shaming, study tips, and facts about me are all found within this year of posts and if you ask me, that’s pretty cool.

So here’s to many more years of posts! I have a lot to say when I can remember what it is, so I hope you’re around for a while. Thank you for reading!!




2 responses to “A Year in Blog Posts…”

  1. Wow! Congrats! When I started I could barely write one blog post. It’s amazing how many post accumulate! Keep blogging!

  2. Thank you for sharing; I’m happy I found your blog! I’m glad you’ve found somewhere to express your feelings!

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