Dear 13 Year Old Me,


This is little Mary. The oldest picture I have is when I’m 14 so let’s just pretend that I’m actually 13 in this picture.

Dear 13 year old Mary,

Don’t waste your time with people who don’t care. I know it’s the time to change for your friends, but try not to. They don’t care about you so you’re obviously better than them and you deserve better than them. Don’t forget that.

Try to remember that your problems are really insignificant. Like so insignificant that seven years later you can’t even remember what kind of problems a thirteen year old has. Seriously, life is good.

Life is going to change a lot in the next year so just be prepared. I don’t want to spoil it but enjoy the moments you can.

You are thirteen, you don’t need a boyfriend. You don’t need to worry about boy period. A really good guy will come in due time and even though it doesn’t work out, he was a catch for a long time. After him though remember to stay away from boys people warn you about. Right now, don’t concern yourself with a silly boy. They’re immature, just wait it out.

Cherish every moment. Take mental pictures. I wish I could remember happy moments from when I was thirteen but I remember very little. If you want, take physical pictures too, those work.

STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR SO SHORT!!! Curly hair does not mix with the cute little hair cuts you love. Trust me, even if you think you’ll do it every day when you go to get it cut you will not. You like sleeping far too much to wake up early enough to do your hair everyday.

Watch what you put on the internet. Angry hippo faces are not pretty. Also your notes are not funny. 20 year old Mary just remembered those are on Facebook and is currently working on deleting them. However, none of these things are detrimental to you getting a job in the future so just do what makes you happy even if it annoys you/me/us later.

Finally, know you’re beautiful. I still struggle with self image but I wish I hadn’t when I was 13. Yes, your boobs are bigger than a lot of girls your age but that doesn’t mean you need to hide your body from the world. Take your towel off in pictures. Yes, modesty is important but it’s also important to be comfortable in your own skin. Yes you can pinch at your stomach and call it fat, but you are anything but that, just try to remember that.


Me. From the future.


So my friend Hiba tagged me to write a letter to my 13 year old self and I’m tagging Izzy and KatieΒ to write letters to their thirteen year old selves. Also sorry that I didn’t go and comment on any of your things to let you know, I’m lazy. Sorry!



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