An Inspiration

Today I watched this video by Troye Sivan and it really made me think. It made me think about myself, conceted but true. It really inspired me to do things I want to do. “If I wanted to make cool shit, I have to make cool shit,” if I want to do something amazing I have to get off my ass and do it.

I think it made me really think about how I need to not care about what people think about me. I mean I can’t say I already really care as it is. I mean sure, I’m afraid of what they’ll say and maybe one day someone will leave my life because of some risk I took here or on YouTube. Honestly I’m not even confident in YouTube that I have 15 private videos plus about 20 edited videos and a bunch of filmed stuff that I can’t even listen to because I’m afraid someone I really love will see it and decide that I’m too weird to be in their life.

I want to make things I’m proud of and not hesitate to share them. It made me want to go on an adventure to find amazing things to capture and take in the world.

While Troye has always been an inspiration to me, this really got to me more than his music and more than his other amazing videos. He opened up and shared about his own personal quirks that make him different than the typical 19 year old. Troye and his platform shoes.

Due to the nature of the video here’s a few things that make me a little quirky: I don’t like mashed potatoes, I don’t like cheese really, I like to wear men’s clothes because they aren’t fitted, I buy everything oversized, my favorite underwear have Spiderman on them, I buy jeans big so they’re more comfortable, I hate static, I hate socks, I spray my shoes with room spray at least once a week, and I hate the smell of clean laundry it’s rather suffocating.

So way to go Troye for being a huge inspiration to my creativity and remembering to be comfortable with myself. Please watch the video just so that you know how great you are. You’re all amazing. Have a great Saturday!



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