Catching Fire Questions

First of all if you have yet to read yesterday’s post, I highly recommend you do so. It was written by one of my best friends, Eric, and it’s great! So I meant to post before I left for church this evening but I didn’t and I’ve hardly been in my room since. My friends and I watched “Catching Fire” tonight and I developed a lot of in depth questions that Molly said I had to wait until the end to ask because I was too distracting, which is very true. So I thought, why not post them for you guys to think about to!

  1. Why doesn’t she [Mags] talk?
  2. How are they smart if they don’t go to school?
  3. How old is Finnick?
  4. Why do they just all refuse to kill each other?
  5. How do you become a citizen of the capitol?
  6. How does Finnick understand Mags?
  7. What was the shortest reported Hunger Games?
  8. Is Finnick a lifeguard [because he knows CPR]?
  9. What about the baby [the fake one]?
  10. Does she [Katniss] have an endless supply of arrows?
  11. Why doesn’t anyone in the capitol have to participate in the games?
  12. What if someone got on the claw with a dead person?

So leave your answers and any other questions you guys have in the comments and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post!



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