A Major Declaration Adventure

Last week my friends and I went on a hike to declare our majors, which sounds really weird so let me explain. Do you know that episode of the office where Michael declares bankruptcy? Well we did that but with our majors.



Eventually a video of us all yelling on top of a waterfall will be uploaded but for now here are some pictures of us after essentially rock climbing. It was tough, I don’t physical things and this wasn’t really on a trail so it was particularly not something I do, but I did it and it was fun. Enjoy these pictures. These are my friends Kassy, Molly, and Logan. Check out Logan’s blog because she’s better than me so if you’re reading my blog you should probably be reading hers too.

It was also very cold outside which is why we’re all bundled up. I highly recommend an unconventional way of declaring your major if you go to a school where you don’t go in declared. We also have some thoughts on declaring minors in a more minor way.

Our day started with IHOP, which is the best way to start the day. IHOP also tweeted, followed, and asked me to DM them today because they saw one of the blog posts I had written about them so naturally I cried. A lot. IHOP is just the best and I will never be able to change my mind on that one that’s for sure.



8 responses to “A Major Declaration Adventure”

  1. You are tough girls I couldn’t do that climbing

    1. It was very tough haha

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! I love it! I also love how much you love ihop. It’s just so funny. 🙈

    1. Thank you! I don’t know why I love it so much, it’s just great hahaha

      1. It is though!!! (not to go off topic but my boyfriend and i would go there at least once a week for dinner/breakfast…)

        1. I’m actually really jealous, my dream boyfriend (who I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist) loves IHOP just as much as me and we would go once a week. There’s one near school and the waitress that’s there on Thursdays knows me and my friends hahaha

          1. Hahaha thats the BEST. When everyone remembers you 🙈

            1. It’s great, I have my suspicions that it’s due to my friend Becca who introduced herself to the waitress right away and the fact that we were the biggest loudest group there on my birthday and that I tipped her (and always do) really well hahah

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