The Holidays: Present Guide

The year of daily blogging is nearing an end and I’m finally starting to get motivated again. I thought I would help everyone with another present guide like I did last year, just to try and get started on the holidays and not waiting until the end of the month like I’m trying to avoid.

For mom: Something sentimental or something simple. Sorry to my mom, but moms just seem to love everything. Like I’m sure it’s this pretend thing they do but you could get your mom a rock and she would like it (probably). I would go with something sentimental. Or a candle or slippers. Things they like but don’t usually buy for themselves is always good.

For dad: I think a lot of people buy ties, but I can’t say that I’ve ever done that before. I like sports things like shirts, hats, etc. or things he likes or needs. Wallets are good, ties are good, things that are good are good.

For sisters: Makeup, nail polish, clothes, things they need, anything. Sisters like stuff.

For brothers: I don’t have any so I don’t know. I would guess like sports stuff or things they need. Maybe clothes if you think they need style help. Soap- I feel like a lot of boys are smelly and that’s a good way to get that to stop.

For boyfriends: I don’t have any of these either so I might not be of any help on this. I heard that people spend a lot of money on significant others which also really deters me from having one (if the opportunity ever arose) but that is not important and is another issue of my own. I would suggest like things to do because time is one of the best gifts you can give. So concert tickets, sports tickets, a day trip or other trips. If you don’t want to do that you can bake, you can make something else, you can get them clothes or soap or other stuff they like. I don’t know what boys like.

For girlfriends: While I’m not a girlfriend, I am a girl so I think I can guess. Jewelry is always good or things to do again. Try cooking because that’s impressive. If you can do anything that shows you put forth some type of effort at all I think that’s impressive enough. Girls are easy to shop for.

For friends: Inside jokes, homemade goodies, personalized handmade things. As a college student I’m doing nice little crafty things that I’m putting together myself rather than buying a bunch of gift sets and expensive things.

I don’t buy presents for anyone else really. If you are stuck on any ideas leave them in the comments and I’ll respond. Good luck shopping!



One response to “The Holidays: Present Guide”

  1. Jewelry is always nice :). Just to add some things, have you ever heard of Jamberry Nails or Origami Owl lockets? Those are cool!

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